The Pandemic Is Not Over, Stand Up Comedy Moves To Virtual – Comics seem to never run out of ideas to churn the stomachs of the audience. It turns out, the inspiration to become a joke material is quite simple.

Some comics take material from personal experience and the most effective for comedy is tragedy plus time.

“Because comedy is a tragedy plus time (time), which is in the past, the term is used to say that if we don’t hit a stone, it’s hard to tell us to take a bath with a broom. Well, that’s what we used to do Flash backwe’ll see if we can see it, it’s funny here,” said Wira, Comic who is under AdMedika, while talking on the program ‘Community Week: Office Healing Using Stand Up Comedy’ which aired live streaming YouTube Uzone.idon Friday (4/3/2022).

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Amin, who is also Comic, agrees with Wira that tragedy plus time can be a joke. However, if you remember past tragedies, you usually need places where you can think clearly.

“It’s like Mas Wira usually hanging out, by the river,” Amin joked, then said, “The point is, tragedy plus time, how do we get that flashback. Everyone has their own way of getting it.”

Furthermore, Willy as President and Founder of Stand Up Comedy AdMedika, emphasized that Comic can’t just make jokes.

According to him, jokes for circles corporate can’t be used in jokes for public. That’s because there are limitations where the comic must first coordinate with corporate.

“We also have to present the facts, what we write we will convey to the corporate,”

He admits that it is indeed more difficult if Comic gets an offer from corporatealthough the information could be deeper, it turns out that there are many limitations of what can and cannot be done.

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“We’ll be ready corporatehe said this one can’t, we will take out,” said Willy.

Millions of jobs around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise with the world of stand-up comedy.

Therefore, eL as the Founder and Couch of Stand Up Comedy AdMedika, said that outside jobs were temporarily frozen due to the pandemic, even though the offer was already high.

“This situation is not yet possible, I continue to coordinate with my teacher,” said eL, who is a graduate of the ISoC (Indonesia School of Comedy) and joined the IDCC (Indonesia Comedy Club) under the auspices of a living legend. stand up comedy Indonesia, Ramon Papana.

To Uzone.idWilly also admits that almost every month they get offers to perform, even though it is done virtually.

“Yes, the pandemic period with PPKM arrangements, becomes a challenge separately to be able to perform virtually, where the response crowd cannot be directly caught by comics as performers, so comics must prepare special strategies to deal with virtual crowds, finally challenge accepted and mission accomplished,” Willy said.

Until now, they are still looking for opportunities to develop their community and comics by presenting professional comics to directly guide Admedika comics, as well as building networks to get the opportunity to perform from stage to stage.

“We will make you happy and heal your stress in this time of pandemic with stand up comedy,” he added.

Get to know Stand Up Comedy AdMedika

Admedika as a subsidiary of TelkomGroup that provides Total Health Solution services has handled 158 clients with more than 5 million insurance members and more than 5000 network of health service providers.

With the dynamics of the health service business that continues to grow, especially in the new normal era after the Covid-19 pandemic, Admedika is increasingly developing and growing its business. As a result, all Admedika employees will continue to be busy in carrying out their business processes.

In the midst of busy employees during the pandemic, where employees have to adapt to the new normal era, such strict health protocols can cause burn out and mental illnessfor lack of entertainment.

Realizing this condition, an idea emerged from a group of Admedika employees to hold a stand up comedy performance.

Departing from this, the Stand Up Comedy Admedika Community was formed, which was initiated by Willy, Eliya, and Amin as well as founders, along with support from employees and Admedika Management, so that the Community was confirmed on January 7, 2022.

Since then, the Stand Up Comedy Admedika Community has held workshop and coaching clinic for members and participants about the method of writing, deliveryand mental building regularly every week outside of working hours.

The activities carried out include writing techniques setup and punch line based on observation to hone sense in finding the humor of an event.

Then do combus (comedy body) in the form of: delivery material test which is supervised directly by Coach eL (Eliya), so that the persona of a comic can be formed by prioritizing smart comedy.

As a result of the workshops and training, reliable comics are formed who are ready to appear at various events, both internal company events, and attending invitations events from certain parties outside the company.

“The result is quite other income for employees who are performers,” concluded Willy.

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