The reason why the cellphone is slow and how to overcome it

Reasons why your cellphone is slow and how to deal with it Header

Gadgetren – Mobile phones have become one of the devices that play an important role in supporting daily activities.

Users can use it to call with multiple people, open social media, edit documents, open email, and much more.

But there are times when the cellphone becomes slow so that it makes it difficult for you to carry out various important activities, be it for digital transactions, communicating with clients, and others.

So that you don’t bother thinking about this problem, you must first find out the cause of the cellphone being slow so you can better understand how to solve it.

Reasons and How to Overcome a Slow Cellphone

RAM Overload

We all know that the RAM that is present on the cellphone can be used to store temporary data from applications that are running on the cellphone. The more applications that are open and running, the higher the use of RAM capacity.

If the RAM is overloaded in running applications or the system, then usually the cellphone will become sluggish. Even the worst case scenario can lag and the phone restarts itself.

So you have to be wise not to run too many applications and adjust the use to the RAM capacity of the cellphone. But if you have more funds, then you should buy a large-capacity RAM cellphone that is at least 4 GB or above.

Low Internal Memory

Internal memory is one of the most important parts of a cellphone because it is a place to store system files to applications

When the capacity of the internal memory is almost exhausted, usually the cellphone will give a warning. A full internal storage can also make the system slow so that the navigation process and application selection are disrupted.

If you can, you can leave at least 20% empty capacity of the total amount of storage. As another alternative, you need to make sure which applications and data are consuming a lot of storage.

Malware Affected System

Usually if you install Android applications outside the Google Play Store, there is a security risk where the application can be infiltrated by viruses or malware because it is not guaranteed.

Accessing certain sites that are classified as dangerous and suspicious also has the same risk. Apart from slowly damaging the system, viruses or malware can make the system work extra.

If you feel that your cellphone has been infected, then you should be able to install a trusted anti-malware application. Later the application has an automatic malware detection feature so that it can find and eliminate the malware.

Troubled Hardware

Usually mobile phones with a fairly old age such as over 3 years can also cause various problems with the components in it. This can also be a trigger for the cellphone to be slow.

If it is hardware that is problematic, then you must go directly to an official service center to be handled by an experienced technician.