The Rules for Compulsory Boosters Are Considered to Complicate the 2022 Eid Homecoming, Task Force Spokesperson Gives an Explanation – The Covid-19 Handling Task Force or Covid-19 Task Force responded to the hectic criticism of mandatory boosters for travelers in Eid 2022.

This decision is considered difficult for the community, and unfair when compared to international events such as the Mandalika MotoGP, whose conditions are considered easier.

The spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force explained, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, the policy announced directly by President Jokowi is solely to increase the coverage of the Covid-19 booster vaccination.

said Prof. Wiku, the upcoming 2022 Eid homecoming activity will be one of the big events in Indonesia, because people’s movements will increase drastically, so President Jokowi craves homecoming activities to be safe from Covid-19.

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“The government pays the same attention to increasing the coverage of booster vaccinations in various regions, so that community mobility activities between regions including going home can be safe from Covid-19,” said Prof. Wiku when contacted by, Friday (25/3/2022).

Furthermore, the same thing also applies when the Mandalika MotoGP event was held, which at that time West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) as the location for the event, was at the PPKM level 1 level until now.

Moreover, in these areas the coverage of the complete two-dose Covid-19 vaccination is already more than 80 percent.

“Which is also accompanied by an increase in booster vaccine coverage by five percent in a short time, where the complete vaccine coverage is already above 80 percent,” explained Prof. Wiku.

Not only MotoGP, international agendas such as the G20 are currently taking place in Bali, where the booster vaccine coverage has reached more than 26 percent, in just 3 weeks.

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“I ask the community to support this goal for the sake of common health,” concluded Prof. Wiku.

For your information, some time ago, President Jokowi set a mandatory rule for the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine or booster vaccine as a condition for traveling using land, air and sea transportation during the upcoming 2022 Eid homecoming.