There are still many misconceptions about stunting, socialization to the community must continue to be carried out – Short stature or stunting is one of the complaints of growth disorders that is often the reason for a child to be taken to a pediatrician.

Pediatrician consultant pediatric endocrinologist, Prof. dr. Madarina Julia, MPH., Ph.D, Sp.A(K) said that many parents are anxious, thinking that their child is stunted. Whereas stunting is only one of the causes of short stature.

According to WHO, stunting is a growth and development disorder in children who experience poor nutritional intake, repeated infections, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation.

“We are afraid of stunting because several studies in several countries show that stunting is a condition that will greatly interfere with children’s development, especially cognitive development,” he explained in a press release that received recently.

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Illustration of stunting in children. [Istimewa]
Illustration of stunting in children. [Dok. Suara/Ilustrasi]

UNICEF says that stunting will make a person have poorer educational achievement, be more likely to drop out of school or not reach a higher level of education, as well as lower income/income as an adult.

Because it is associated with poor nutritional intake, repeated infections, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation, stunting children, he said, certainly have a history of poor nutrition and health history.

In addition, stunting children are also very likely to experience developmental disorders. Thus, to diagnose stunting, apart from short height, stunted children are also thin and have developmental problems.

To be able to detect this problem early, in addition to having to monitor their length or height, each child must also be regularly weighed, their head circumference measured and their progress assessed.

“Stunting must be detected and treated early so that brain development in the first 1000 days of life is not disturbed,” he added.

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However, continued Prof. Madarina, there are many mistakes in handling stunting, such as giving extra milk or high-calorie foods to children who don’t need it, which can be very detrimental.