There is Business Capital from Bukalapak for Pre-Employment Card Participants

Jakarta, IDN Times – Bukalapak has opened the purchase of classes for training for participants of the 23rd wave of Pre-Employment Card program. There are more than 100 new training classes to choose from according to the interests and needs of the participants.

Pre-employment Card participants who buy training classes through Bukalapak can get various incentives, one of which is business capital.

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1. A series of pre-employment card training incentives in Bukalapak

There is Business Capital from Bukalapak for Pre-Employment Card ParticipantsBukalapak’s newest logo. (doc. Bukalapak)

For participants who pass the opening of the 23rd wave of Pre-Employment Cards, they have the opportunity to get incentives from Bukalapak, starting from credit and data packages from Pre-Employment Bonus Credit, free shipping and discounts when shopping in the Bukalapak marketplace from Postage and Saving Discounts, to motorbike prizes and business capital. .

The business capital can be obtained by participating in the 2022 Pre-Employment Competition. The competition will take place from last February 24, until March 31, 2022.

“Our participation in the Pre-Employment Card program is a form of Bukalapak’s commitment to work together with various parties and participate in the success of government programs in helping the community overcome the social impact of the pandemic,” said President, Commerce & Fintech Bukalapak, Victor Lesmana, in his official statement, Wednesday ( 9/3/2022).

2. Participants who complete the Pre-Employment Card training can become new entrepreneurs

There is Business Capital from Bukalapak for Pre-Employment Card ParticipantsIllustration of Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

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The training provided in the Pre-Employment Card program aims to improve the ability or skillsand also sharpen skills that the participant has.

“We are enthusiastic to again facilitate the process of purchasing the Pre-Employment Card training class in wave 23, and hope to contribute to supporting the birth of new business actors who can not only overcome the challenges of the pandemic, but also contribute to the national economic recovery,” said Victor.

Since the Pre-Employment Card was held in 2020, Bukalapak has become a platform for providing various training classes organized by a number of Job Training Institutes (LPK) in Indonesia. From 2020 to 2021, the growth in the number of Pre-Employment Card program participants who access training classes through Bukalapak has doubled.

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3. Success stories of Pre-Employment Card participants who have completed training

There is Business Capital from Bukalapak for Pre-Employment Card ParticipantsPre-Employment Card Illustration. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

One of the Pre-Employment Card participants from South Sulawesi, Shinta Amang, said that after attending the fashion class she got at Bukalapak, she was able to promote her wedding dress rental business on social media and increase the number of her customers, which had declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel that being a participant in the Pre-Employment Card brings enormous benefits, especially in terms of developing my abilities as a business actor and my business,” said Shinta.

Meanwhile, Syamsul Rizal, one of the winners of the 2021 Pre-Employment Competition at Bukalapak, said that being selected as the winner is one of the benefits of participating in the Pre-Employment training classes available through Bukalapak.

“I am very happy, of course, to be the winner of this competition. Adding the benefits of participating in the Pre-Employment Card program with various classes at Bukalapak. I gained knowledge of graphic design which helped me improve my skills,” said Rizal.