There is GraPARI Online, Telkomsel 4G Card Upgrade Can Be Delivered to Your Home – For people who are still self-isolating (isoman) at home or are reducing their intensity of going out, Telkomsel presents the GraPARI Online service which makes it easier to access services.

The GraPARI Online service is offered to customers who want to process various services, such as purchasing a Telkomsel Prepaid SIM card, to registering Telkomsel Halo (postpaid) online.

Customers who want to replace lost or damaged cards and upgrade 4G/LTE uSIM cards can also be used through this GraPARI Online service.

Interestingly, GraPARI Online serves direct delivery to the customer’s home or destination.

“During the pandemic, one of the things that society has to face is the challenge of mobility and it encourages us to adapt to new habits through the use of technology. GraPARI Online is here so that people can access a number of Telkomsel services and they will be sent directly to their homes or destination addresses,” said Telkomsel Sales Director, Adiwinahyu Basuki Sigit in a statement.

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Telkomsel customers will also have the convenience of choosing Telkomsel Prepaid and Telkomsel Halo numbers according to their needs.

In the future, Telkomsel said it would add several additional services at GraPARI Online.

GraPARI Online can be accessed via this link and users just need to fill out the digital form provided, according to the products and services needed.

So far, GraPARI Online has been equipped with a wide selection of electronic payment channels from a number of banking partners and fintech partners.

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After all processes and data verification requirements have been successfully carried out by the customer, Telkomsel has also collaborated with trusted expedition partners to send the product to the destination address that has been set by the customer.

It is known that in recent years Telkomsel has presented a wide selection of digital technology-based customer service channels, such as the MyTelkomsel application, Veronika services through virtual assistants in all instant messaging services, to strengthening e-care services through Telkomsel’s social media accounts.

It was recorded that during 2021, Telkomsel virtual assistant service transactions grew by approximately 66 percent compared to the previous year.

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