These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Dramas on Streaming Sites

Currently, Korean dramas can be watched easily from various sites stream, such as Netflix, Viu, Disney+ Hotstar, and so on. Some dramas are even produced and aired exclusively on the platform. That is, the drama does not air on Korean TV stations.

The following is a list of actors and actresses who took on an original drama project belonging to a site stream in 2022. Unmitigated, they act in two dramas at once. Is there anyone? Let’s see the review!

1. Chae Soo Bin

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Chae Soo Bin in the drama Rookie Cops (

This year, Chae Soo Bin comeback with drama Rookie Cops and The Fabulous. Rookie Cops is a Disney+ original drama that revolves around student life at a police university. The drama airs from January 26 and ends on March 16.

Besides that, there is also The Fabulous, upcoming drama about the lives of people in the industry fashion competitive ones. In this Netflix drama, Chae Soo Bin plays the head of a department at a promotion agency brand luxurious and will compete acting with Choi Minho.

2. Choi Minho

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Choi Minho (

Like his co-star in The FabulousChoi Minho also appeared in two dramas in 2022. Di The Fabuloushe will play a character named Ji Woo Min, freelance retouchers competent but not very interested in their work. He is also described as a person who is not interested in love.

Then, there’s drama Goosebumps which also features this SHINee member. This drama is produced by KakaoTV, South Korea’s OTT platform. As the title implies, the drama which also hooks actress Choi Ji Woo is a horror genre and is ready to make goosebumps.

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3. Kim Moo Yeol

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Kim Moo Yeol in the drama Grid and Juvenile Justice ( |

Unlike the two previous artists, the two dramas played by Kim Moo Yeol this year have officially aired on their respective platforms. The first is Grid which airs since February 16, 2022.

The drama from Disney+ tells the story of a mysterious ghost who reappears after 24 years and helps a serial killer. In GridKim Moo Yeol plays an ordinary employee who keeps a mystery.

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Then, he also acted in drama Juvenile Justice which premiered in 10 episodes on February 25 on Netflix. In the drama, Moo Yeol transformed into a friendly and warm-hearted judge.

4. Lee Hyun Wook

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Lee Hyun Wook (

Lee Hyun Wook has been confirmed to join the two upcoming Netflix original drama titled Remarriage and Desires and Thief: The Sound of the Sword. In Remarriage and Desires, Hyun Wook will co-star with Kim Hee Sun and Jung Yoo Jin. The drama tells the story of the upper class people in a matchmaking agency with all their ambitions.

Meanwhile, Thief: The Sound of the Sword also presents a story that is not less interesting. This is a melodrama about the struggle of the Korean people when it was colonized by Japan in the 1920s. Besides Lee Hyun Wook, there are Kim Nam Gil, Seohyun, and Lee Ho Jung who are also involved in this project.

5. Nam Da Reum

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Nam Da Reum (

Even though Nam Da Reum is currently serving in the military, fans can still enjoy his work. We can soon witness the latest acting of this former child actor through drama monstrous and The Sound of Magic.

monstrous is a TVING production drama which is scheduled to air in April for 6 episodes. The story centers on archaeologists trying to unravel a strange mystery about a Buddha statue being possessed by an evil spirit. Later, Nam Da Reum will be the son of the character played by Kim Ji Young.

Another one with drama The Sound of Magic. As in the early days of his debut, Nam Da Reum brought a younger version of the main character, namely Ji Chang Wook. His character is named Lee Eul, a mysterious magician who wants to remain a child, even after growing up. Also totaling six episodes, the Netflix drama is scheduled to premiere in May 2022.

6. Park Sung Woong

These 6 Korean Artists Appear in 2 Original Streaming Site Dramas in 2022Park Sung Woong in the drama Dr. Park’s Clinic (달빛뮤즈)

On the premiere of the drama Dr. Park’s Clinic, Park Sung Woong gave a special appearance as a rich and successful doctor whose clinic is always crowded with visitors. The drama aired exclusively on TVING and ended on February 18th. The story centers on the struggle of doctor Park Won Jang (Lee Seo Jin) in saving his clinic which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

In addition, Park Sung Woong was also confirmed to have received an offer for the latest Netflix series entitled Hunting Dogs. This drama tells about people from various backgrounds who are struggling in the loan business world. Park Sung Woong plays a powerful and well-known loan shark in the business.

The drama projects of the six artists above have various genres and interesting story plots. The platform that released it has been proven time and time again to produce extraordinary works. What drama, here, is entering watchlist you?

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