These 7 Foods and Drinks Are Good for Consuming to Maintain Liver Health, What Are They? – Maintaining the health of the liver, aka the liver, is important to avoid deadly chronic diseases. One way is to make sure you always eat healthy and nutritious foods.

Nutritionist Pritika Bedi from Healthsake said, with the various health functions it performs, it is very important to keep the liver in good condition.

The following are some foods that are good for the liver as reported by the Indian Express.


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Tea has antioxidants that can help improve liver health. Black and green tea can help increase levels of enzymes and fats in the liver.

illustration of teapot, teapot, kettle, drinking tea [shutterstock]
illustration of teapot, teapot, kettle, drinking tea [shutterstock]

Regular consumption can help maintain good liver health. In particular, green tea can increase liver enzyme levels, reduce oxidative stress, and reduce liver fat.


Tofu is good for the liver because it is made from soybeans, and it can help reduce fat accumulation in the liver. Being a healthy protein alternative, soy and tofu are great additions to liver health.

Some soy foods including edamame, tempeh, miso, bean sprouts, soybeans, some non-dairy yogurts are also good for liver health.

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