These are 4 Important Things You Should Know – The Ministry of Health recently announced that it had detected 252 cases of stealth Omicron in Indonesia. Unfortunately this is not the only case of another variant which tends to leave a person without any symptoms.

According to experts, this actually refers to the new omicron variant which has been shown to be frequently mistaken for the Delta variant through testing

As regions across the country begin to loosen some of their remaining mask mandates, we can understand why this new development may be cause for concern.

Not only that, but research shows that this new variant is the most infectious to date, even more so than the original Omicron variant, and it accounts for a significant proportion of cases reported in the dozens of countries where it occurs.

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Omicron stealth

Illustration of incentive care for Covid-19 patients. [Istimewa]
Illustration of incentive care for Covid-19 patients. [Istimewa]

According to Manish Naik, MD, internist at the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas, this variant, which has been officially recognized by the World Health Organization, has the official name “BA.2,” while the standard omicron is referred to as “BA.1. ” BA.2 was initially detected in Canada, Australia, the UK and South Africa in December, and several cases have recently been found in the US, he said.

“Omicron is highly contagious and, according to Danish scientists, the BA.2 variant is slightly more infectious (1.5 times) than the first Omicron strain,” explains Dr. Go on. “While it appears that BA.2 does not cause more severe disease, COVID may persist longer in our community because of this new Omicron strain.”

Symptoms of the Omicron Demon

So far the symptoms of stealth omicron are nothing to worry about. The new study shows that symptoms are generally the same as the other variants and most remain mild to moderate flu-like symptoms, especially if vaccinated.

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How to Protect Yourself from the Omicron Demon