These are 6 New Alternatives to the Combination of Booster Vaccine Types Applied in Indonesia – The Indonesian government added one booster vaccine combination, namely the Sinopharm vaccine. This addition means that there are 6 types of Covid-19 booster vaccines that can be used in Indonesia, including the Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen (J&J) vaccines, and the Sinopharm vaccine.

Based on Circular Letter Number HK.02.02/II/252/2022 regarding the Covid-19 Advanced Dose (Booster) Vaccination, it is explained that the procedures and locations for booster vaccinations can also be given in all cities and regencies of Indonesia.

“The vaccine used for the booster dose is adjusted to the availability of the vaccine in each region by prioritizing the vaccines with the closest expiry date. In addition, primary dose vaccination must still be pursued in order to achieve the target,” said the spokesman for the Covid-19 Vaccination Ministry of Health, dr. Siti Nadia Tarmizi through her statement, Tuesday (1/3/2022).

The booster dose is administered through two mechanisms. The first is homologous, namely giving a booster dose using the same type of vaccine as the complete primary vaccine dose that was previously obtained.

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Then the second mechanism is heterologous, namely giving a booster dose using a different type of vaccine, with the complete primary vaccine dose previously obtained.

The details of the booster dose regimen that can be given are as follows:

1. If Sinovac . primary vaccine
So the booster vaccine can use 3 types of vaccines, including half-dose of AstraZeneca (0.25 ml), half-dose of Pfizer (0.15 ml), and full-dose of Moderna (0.5 ml).

2. If the primary vaccine AstraZeneca
Then the booster can use half-dose of Moderna vaccine (0.25 ml), half-dose of Pfizer vaccine (0.15 ml), and full-dose of AstraZeneca vaccine (0.5 ml).

3. If Pfizer’s primary vaccine
For a booster, you can use the full dose of Pfizer vaccine (0.3 ml), half dose of Moderna (0.25 ml), and the full dose of AstraZeneca (0.5 ml).

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4. If the primary vaccine is Moderna
Then the booster by using the same vaccine is half the dose (0.25 ml).