These are the Samsung Galaxy S22+ Camera Shots at Night

Samsung Galaxy S22+ Cinematic

Galaxy S22+ is one of Samsung’s flagship phones that has been present in Indonesia. In addition to having powerful performance, this one device is also equipped with a camera with photography and videography features that can be considered good.

To further introduce the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S22+ to the media, Samsung also held an event entitled Samsung Galaxy S22 & S22+ Media Workshop – New Rules in Creating Epic Contents at Senayan Park, Jakarta.

In the event, each media representative was loaned a Samsung Galaxy S22+ so they could directly experience the capabilities of their camera in the Sunset Hunting session from afternoon to evening.

Galaxy S22 Plus Elvira Slide

Before the Sunset Hunting session started, Elvira Anggraini as Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Electronics Indonesia introduced the camera configuration and features of the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

Elvira Anggraini revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S22+ comes with support for three rear cameras consisting of a 50 MP main camera (f/1.8 aperture), 12 MP ultrawide (f/2.2 aperture), and 10 MP telephoto (f/2.4 aperture). While the front camera has a resolution of 10 MP (aperture f/2.2).

“For the Night feature on other cellphones, it usually focuses on photos only, but for Nightography, which is present on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, it is enhanced to produce good photos and videos at night,” added Elvira.

“Samsung has also designed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ISP so that when you press the shutter button once, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will work to collect 20 photos and perform checks to reduce noise and shock to produce the best photos,” added Elvira.

Samsung also presents Gesit Wisnu Prakoso as a Content Creator who provides a few tips and directions for producing interesting photos using the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

Galaxy S22 Plus agile Tips

Gesit said that we should start first by exploring the camera features on the Galaxy S22+, such as the Night Mode feature which can make the brightness increase, saturation is better, and the lag time for taking photos is faster.

“The AI ​​of the Night Mode feature on the Galaxy S22+ has improved compared to the previous generation. When taking a photo, it looks a bit blurry due to shaking, so the photo will be improved for the better when we see it in the cellphone Gallery, “said Gesit.

If we want to feel the sensation of a professional camera, then we can use Pro Mode which is present in the default camera application of the Galaxy S22+ where ISO, Speed, White Balance, focus and others can be adjusted manually.

“To get interesting results, we can also take advantage of different timescales for an object. For example, a building during the day is still in a condition where the lights are not on and at night you will see different results when the lights are on,” added Gesit.

Galaxy S22 Plus Nightography

Gesit also revealed that taking and composition techniques such as Foreground, Framing, Slow Speed, and others are an important part of photography so that the photos look good. Finally, we can use photo editor applications such as Lightroom and Snapseed to enhance the final photo.

After the presentation session was over, I also had the opportunity to take part in the Sunset Hunting session from dusk to night at Skywalk located at Senayan Park, Jakarta. In this session I took some interesting photos from various angles on Skywalk using the main and ultrawide cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S22+.









Not to forget, I also used the Night Mode feature so that I could taste the Nightography capabilities offered by this cellphone. I also took the same photo with Auto Mode so I can do a comparison.

It can be seen that photos from ultrawde cameras are able to have a wider area than the main camera. However, if you look closely, photos with the main camera are less noisy and sharper than ultrawide at night conditions.




Night Mode




Night Mode

Meanwhile, photos that use the Night Mode feature are brighter and clearer than those in Auto Mode. In other words, it seems that Samsung has optimized the AI ​​algorithm for the Nightography feature and the Samsung Galaxy S22+ sensor so that it can produce bright night photos.

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