These are the Various Benefits of Go Green Concept Schools According to Health Experts – The concept of a go green school not only creates a sense of comfort but is also considered to be a solution to improve students’ learning abilities and interests.

This was confirmed by the Health Expert, dr. Edi Alpino Rivai Siregar, MKK, Sp.KKLP. He said the school with the go green concept was proven to be able to make students’ emotions calmer and happier because they knew they would study in a fun place.

“From the moment children go to school, they have the mindset that they will study in a comfortable place. So the mood is already there and formed. When I go to school, I will be in a learning place that is not boring,” said dr. Edi in the soft launching event of SMP Islam Al Azhar 55 Jatimakmur, Saturday (26/2/2022).

This is because go green schools tend to prioritize flexible learning spaces that can be indoors and outdoors or outdoors. In a written report, students who study in outdoor spaces are judged to be more adaptable in social environments.

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“All of this has research, abroad there are councils showing how the character thanks to being accustomed to outdoor activities, after graduating from school, working, interacting with the community better in protecting the environment,” explained dr. Eddie.

He also added, teenagers generally play a lot and do outdoor activities, which are very effective at stimulating happy hormones such as endorphins and dopamine.

After this hormone is released, the child’s process of receiving lessons becomes easier and more responsive, because students’ thinking performance is at its maximum.

“Supporting the ability to do better activities, he focuses better. Until he can finally be creative which of course will be supported by the environment, not only mentally healthy but also physically,” concluded dr. Eddie.

For parents who are confused about looking for a go green junior high school reference, SMP Islam Al Azhar 55 Jatimakmur can be an option.

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Under the auspices of the Islamic Student Dormitory Foundation (YAPI), this school supports various go green facilities such as mosques, open fields, green open spaces, open and indoor learning rooms, mini studios, laboratories and outdoor school sports facilities.

In fact, this school also applies bilingual or bilingual (Indonesian and English) for mathematics and science.

This bilingual program is supported by native speakers, student exchanges, collaborative projects and video conferencing.