Thirty Nine Drama Criticized and Withdrawn, Why Yes?

Drama Thirty Nine had been waiting for by KDrama fans, because it has teaser promising. Not to mention, this drama stars famous actresses Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun.

Thought it would only be about the life story between three women at the age of 39, it turns out that this drama presents a surprising plot through the death that will be experienced by the character Jeon Mi Do. The romance between the characters has also drawn criticism from netizens. Wow, why? Check out the explanation from IDN Times below!

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1. Having an affair story

Drama Thirty Nine Criticized and Postponed Showtimes, Why Yes? KDrama Thirty Nine poster (연우진 – Yeon WooJin)

The plot of this Korean drama has surprised the audience in the first two episodes of its broadcast. Especially in the life story of Chan Young whose life is not long, because he was diagnosed with cancer. All the people closest to the character played by Jeon Mi Do are also trying to make the remaining time they have more valuable.

However, Chan Young’s love story has drawn criticism and controversy from netizens. Chan Young’s figure turns out to be an affair with a man named Jin Seok (Lee Mu Saeng) who is married and has children.

2. Assessed romanticizing infidelity

Drama Thirty Nine Criticized and Postponed Showtimes, Why Yes? Son Ye Jin in the drama Thirty Nine (

During the broadcast of this drama, netizens thought that the affair between Chan Young and Jin Seok was too romanticized. Moreover, the figure of Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) who even begged the wife of Jin Seok not to bump into Chan Young.

In the scene, Mi Jo explains that she has promised to give a beautiful life in the remaining time that Chan Yeong has. Unfortunately, Mi Jo’s act of kneeling in the middle of winter has become a boomerang and has made netizens furious. Although it raises the issue of the strength of a friendship, many regret that the plot of this drama romanticizes an affair.

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3. Netizens blame the writer

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Drama Thirty Nine Criticized and Postponed Showtimes, Why Yes? Jeon Mi Do, Son Ye Jin, and Kim Ji Hyun in the drama Thirty Nine (

The overwhelming public criticism is not directed at the actors, but at the writers of this drama. Writer Yoo Young Ah himself has drawn controversy through Korean films Kim Ji Young: Born 1982.

Netizens also regretted that actress Son Ye Jin had to act for the scene that was considered unethical. “The actors and actresses are too good for this drama, it’s a shame,” wrote one netizen comment Allkpop on Friday (4/3/2022).

4. There is no explanation from the production side

Drama Thirty Nine Criticized and Postponed Showtimes, Why Yes? Son Ye Jin in KDrama Thirty Nine (

This criticism from the public is also widespread on social media. After this controversy was widely discussed by netizens, the production party has not yet provided a response regarding the issue of romanticizing infidelity.

The drama from JTBC itself had several times stumbled upon problems, such as Snowdrop and Until the Morning Comes.

5. Postponed due to election

Drama Thirty Nine Criticized and Postponed Showtimes, Why Yes? Kim Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin, and Jeon Mi Do in the drama Thirty Nine (JTBC Doc.)

In the midst of this controversy, drama Thirty Nine was also reported to have postponed broadcasting episodes 7 and 8, because there was an election in South Korea. This news was officially reported by JTBC on Friday (4/3/2022).

This drama will return to normal airing on March 16. Even so, fans will still be served a special broadcast featuring excerpts from episodes 1 to 6.

A number of netizens who consider this infidelity story is still part of the development of the inner story drama Thirty Nine. What do you think?

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