This 5G Robot Can Mix Drinks Like a Professional Bartender, Jakarta – In the midst of the rush of sophisticated smartphones, laptops and tablets, the MWC 2022 event yesterday was also enlivened by the presence of 5G technology robots that are able to make drinks like professional bartenders.

Reported Telset from Telefonica on Friday (4/3/2022), this robot was created thanks to a collaboration between Telefonica, Macco Robotics, Bee the Data by ImmersiveLab and Raventos Codorniu.

Collaboration between technology companies and manufacturers wine it succeeded in making a 5G robot bartender named Kime. Kime robot has a human-like shape with a white body.

The robot is able to make 4 types of drinking, namely juice, wine, cocktails and a special Raimat Wine made from the wine producer Raventos Codorniu.

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In its operation, Kime is supported by 5G technology and Edge Computing so that the robot can move automatically and run many features.

Because the robot is supported by the face recognition feature from Bee the Data by ImmersiveLab. The face recognition feature allows the robot to provide personalized services to customers who are already registered as regular customers.

This means that when a customer keeps coming back, the robot can say hello to the customer’s name and serve their drinks easily.

Then the robot also features an integrated multilingual function, so that the robot can interact with customers in several languages.

Furthermore, information features regarding queuing time are also embedded, features to identify the needs of customer requests as well as features to provide warnings if there is a crowd of customers waiting in line.

According to the CEO of Macco Robotics, Victor Martin Kime robot is suitable to be presented in the hospitality industry because it is able to provide a new business model in the industry.

“Robotics will continue to exist, because it provides high value that substantially improves operations in this sector, as well as ensures food safety,” said Victor.

“The incorporation of robotics in the hospitality industry allows us to generate new business models,” he added.

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Not only creating new businesses, the Kime robot is also able to provide maximum service because it can provide 24-hour service.

“Robotics makes more sense, because it allows us to offer 24-hour service under any circumstances and everything can be done via mobile,” said Victor. [NM/IF]