This is the Japanese Healthy Lifestyle that Makes the Pandemic Easier to Control – Japan is one of the developed countries that has succeeded in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, although previously it had experienced a spike in cases.

Behind the struggle, it turns out that there is a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS) that has been implemented by the Japanese people long before the pandemic hit.

This story was shared directly by dr. Adam Prabata who has lived in Japan since 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

Still imprint in dr. Adam, how at that time as a medical student he came to campus in a sneezing state, due to an allergy to falling cherry blossom pollen.

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Then he didn’t expect that a student who was younger than him who was pursuing a bachelor’s degree reprimanded him for not wearing a mask.

“There is an undergraduate student aged 19 to 20, the difference is almost 10 years from me, he doesn’t hesitate to be reprimanded by me. Says he is polite, please if you have a cold you have to wear a mask, because you infect people around you, you have to be responsible for your health people around you, should not be selfish,” said dr. Adam in the Task Force Public Communication Instagram discussion, Saturday (27/3/2022).

Initially dr. Adam was quite surprised to receive the reprimand, especially since he had only been to Japan for a few months.

But after that he understood and quite applauded the Japanese culture who dared to advise older people, for the common good.

Furthermore, he then studied and learned, there is a healthy living culture that has been formed in Japanese society, namely wearing a mask and not even needing to leave the house when you are sick or have a fever.

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“So since the first time in Japan you feel sick, especially in the respiratory tract, if you go to public places you have to wear a mask,”

“The most basic culture is that illness or fever shouldn’t go anywhere, if the Covid-19 level increases, so if you’re not feeling well, including diarrhea, you don’t have to come instead of infecting other people,” he continued.

So that when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, wearing masks and washing hands was not something new and strange for Japanese people.

This is what according to dr. Adam, it is quite easy for Sakura to control the pandemic, because the behavior and habits of its people to live healthy are imprinted in their daily lives.