This is the length of the waiting period until you can finally have sex again after giving birth – There’s a good chance you’ll be waiting to have sex after giving birth. In fact, perhaps, this activity is rarely thought of.

However, it never hurts to return to having sex with your partner after giving birth. But, when is it safe?

According to page Mayo Clinic, actually there is no rule when waiting for sex. However, most doctors will advise you to wait a few weeks.

Regardless of the delivery method used, doctors usually advise you to rest your pelvis during your recovery from childbirth.

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During this recovery period, there is no penetration sex or the use of tampons or douching (cleaning the inside of the vagina).

Illustration of childbirth.  (Elements Envanto)
Illustration of childbirth. (Elements Envanto)

This is done so that the body can heal and prevent the risk of postpartum complications, such as infection in the incision or tear.

The general recommendation from doctors to have sex again after delivery is four to six weeks, reports Health.

“Usually at six weeks postpartum, you’ll be examined, started on contraception, and given the green light to have sex again,” explains Sherry Ross, ob-gyn and She-Ology author.

But four to six weeks is just a rule of thumb for how long to wait.

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Pelvic health physical therapist, Amy Hill Fife, uses a standard six to 8 weeks. In fact, sometimes he gives his patients to wait 12 months or more for the vulvovaginal tissue to heal.

However, the actual time scale depends on the smoothness of the delivery and the degree of tissue damage.

“If a ‘uncomplicated’ delivery with minimal vaginal tearing, no episiotomy, and a stage 2 (pushing phase) labor of about two hours, then six to 8 weeks may be a good time.”

The waiting period may be longer if you have a vaginal tear and need to be repaired surgically.