This is Vladimir Putin’s ‘Walking Fortress’, The Beast’s Competitor – As president of a superpower, Vladimir Putin, of course, must have super strong protection, especially now that Russia’s arch-enemy, the United States and NATO countries are ready to threaten its sovereignty.

Russia also provided the best vehicles that Putin had used when carrying out state duties. The vehicle is a bulletproof version of the Aurus Senat Limousine (L700) sedan.

Aurus Motors is a Russian car manufacturer developed by NAMI in Moscow.

Development of the Senate began in 2013, and goes into production in 2021 at JSC’s Sollers plant in Yelabuga.

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Aurus Senate S600 for civilians (Photo: Aurus)

The Aurus Senate also has a civilian version with a shorter body called the S600, and a version of the L700 Limousine without bulletproof features.

Initially, Aurus Motors could produce up to 150 units per year. However, in 2021, they will build a new facility that can produce 5 thousand units. In fact, if they get a flood of orders, production can be increased up to 10 thousand units per year.

The Aurus Senate Limousine is the Official vehicle of the President of Russia, this car symbolizes the rise of industrial engineering and the scientific and technological potential of Russia.

Aurus Senate Limousine (Photo: Aurus)

Using a modular platform in terms of design it is possible to easily and quickly change wheelbase, length and even car type, and adapt production sites for different Aurus model releases.

Ballistic Protection

The Aurus Senate Limousine has a ballistic protection rating of VR8 / VR1O. The thickness of the thinnest steel is about 10 cm, while the glass is the thinnest 6 cm so that it can withstand bullets fired from long-barreled rifles AK-47, M16, AK 74 and even machine guns.

Aurus Motors priced the Senate S600 at a price of USD 250 thousand, while the Aurus Limousine sold USD 350 thousand. Well, for the Senate Limousine used by Putin has a very high price, which is USD 1.5 million.

Aurus Senate Limousine (Photo: Aurus)

The Aurus Senat is equipped with a 4,400cc V8 Twin Turbo engine that produces 598 HP @ 5,500 rpm and a torque of 880Nm @ 4,750 rpm. This car also gets an additional electric motor with a power of 62 hp combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The bulletproof Aurus Senate Limousine is claimed to be able to run 0-100 in 12.7 seconds. At the feet got 20-inch alloy wheels.

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Aurus Senate Limousine (Photo: Aurus)

In the cabin, passengers are presented with a screen that shows environmental conditions on the side and front of the car. The screen is attached to the side glass and the copy-cutting glass.

In addition, in the trunk there is a storage space for oxygen cylinders. If at any time the enemy throws poison gas, the canister filled with fresh air can be flowed into the cabin.

Senate Competitor Aurus Limousine

Of course, the Senate Aurus Limousine, which is Putin’s protector, can only be matched by Cadillac’s The Beast that is currently used by President Joe Biden.

There is an interesting sight when Putin and Biden attend the summit in Geneva. They arrived in the presidential car bulletproof and anti-bomb made in their respective countries.

The car that became the mobile fortress of the two presidents, of course, is equipped with a number of luxurious and secret features. There is also a gadgets and high-end technology.

US President Barack Obama uses The Beast during a visit to Vietnam (Photo: Instagram @nh.nguyen_)

Reported from The Hindustan TimesBiden’s The Beast costs $1.5 million. The price is the same as the Aurus Senate, which is Putin’s flagship.

The Beast also gets a night vision camera, tear gas cannon, advanced communications system, oxygen system, automatic fire suppression system, blood supply for the president in case of an emergency.

The chassis for The Beast has been developed by General Motors, whose body is made of steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramic.

The Beast weighs 9 tons with an 8-inch thick armor shield that makes it impenetrable to bullets and explosives.

The windows are three inches thick consisting of five-layer glass and polycarbonate which ensures protection against armor-piercing bullets.

The limousine made by Cadillac is also equipped with tires pneumatic run-flat which is reinforced with Kevlar so that it allows the vehicle to continue even though the tire is flat.

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In addition, the tires on The Beast are protected from rips and punctures. The door can protect occupants from chemical or biological attack.

The fuel tank is coated with a special foam to prevent it from leaking in the event of an impact. Then, the compartment at the back of The Beast is separated from the driver’s compartment and there is a dividing partition made of glass.

The Beast has a seating capacity for five passengers including the president. Only the president can unload partitions by flicking a switch.

The President can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world from the secure in-vehicle communication system. It is similar to the Oval office and Airforce One communication systems. It has a direct line of communication with the vice president of the US and the Pentagon as well.

The Beast itself is armed with a 5.0L diesel engine with a consumption of 3 km / liter.

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