This Robot Is Claimed To Be Able To Treat Lung Cancer Patients, Jakarta – Robotic technology continues to grow rapidly, especially to help medical personnel. One of them is a small tentacle robot that is claimed to be able to help doctors treat patients suffering from lung cancer.

Researchers at the University of Leeds create a robot proof-of-concept which can enter the lungs, especially the smallest bronchial tubes, parts of which have been difficult to examine using a bronchoscope.

One of the researchers, Pietro Valdastri, said that the magnetic tentacle robot is 2 millimeters in size and is shaped like a catheter that doctors often use to examine the inside of a patient’s body.

Later, robotic tentacles powered by magnetism will be inserted into the patient’s body. Then the doctor will control the robot from the outside through magnetic technology that has been embedded in the robot’s body.

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Because of its small size and can be controlled via magnetic power, making it easier to maneuver into the lungs than the bronchoscope that has been widely used in hospitals.

“The robot or magnetic tentacle catheter, which measures 2 millimeters in size and can be magnetically controlled to conform to the anatomy of the bronchial tree, can reach most areas of the lung,” Pietro said.

The tentacle robot has been tested using a 3D replica of the bronchial tree of the lungs. The researchers’ next step will be to test it in the lungs of humans who have died, before being used by living patients.

Pietro claims that the tentacle robot is a technological innovation that can help treat lung cancer patients and various other lung diseases. But it will take several years of continued development before robots are available in hospitals to help many patients.

“This will be an important clinical tool in the investigation and treatment of possible lung cancer and other lung diseases,” said Pietro Valdastri as quoted by the team. Telset from CNET on Tuesday (22/3/2022).

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Hopefully the magnetic tentacle robot can soon be applied in many hospitals, making it easier for doctors to treat patients suffering from lung cancer. (NM/MF)