TikTok Blue Tick Emoji Font, Here’s How to Copy and Make it

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TikTok Blue Tick Emoji Font

You can copy the following TikTok blue tick emoji font to make your TikTok account look like it’s been verified and look cooler. It’s also as if our account is an important account such as that of a tiktok artist who generally gets an official account.

It is undeniable that one of the most popular and popular social media nowadays is TikTok. This can be proven by the many TikTok users who create content to get followers and also like the content they create.

In Tiktok itself, we can create various kinds of content in the form of videos with a large selection of filters so that it can make it easier for users to be creative in it.

Although there is currently no monetization feature on the dance platform, users can still make money by receiving endorsements or advertisements in the form of products or services that will be marketed or introduced.

But before that, you must have enough followers so that advertisers can glance at them so they believe that you are the right user to be able to market their goods on the tiktok platform.

Therefore, there are various ways that users can do to get a lot of followers and likes. Starting from creating viral content and provoking the pros and cons to some buying the services of tiktok followers to save time.

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How to Make TikTok Blue Tick Emoji Font

The blue tick emoji font has become a hot topic of conversation in social media, especially on tiktok. The reason is that with the blue tick font on the TikTok account, other users will think that your TikTok account is an official account like an artist.

As we know that the blue ticked tiktok account is only owned by verified social media accounts or other terms, namely verified accounts. In other words, the account with the blue tick has proven the authenticity of the data.

Are you interested in making it yourself? Remembering to get a tiktok account verification is quite complicated, but you can try to make your own tiktok blue tick emoji font with the following tutorial.

First you enter the website https://www.flaticon.com/

In the search field, please type “verified”.

tiktok blue tick emoji font

Later, several pictures of the verified logo will appear, please adjust what you want and look like verified tiktok.

Click download to save the logo image.

Then open the website https://makeemoji.com/ and please upload the previously downloaded image.

tiktok blue tick emoji font

After that the image will be uploaded as an emoji so you can copy or copy the emoji.

tiktok blue tick emoji font

Now just open the tiktok application and click to change the profile name, paste it in the name section.


If you have trouble following the tutorial above, you can look for alternative websites that can convert images into emojis. Look for one that can smoothly convert images to be used as emojis so that the results are real or not like engineering.

That’s how to make your own tiktok blue tick emoji font on tiktok that can be copied to our tiktok profile, very easy, isn’t it? Of course anyone can do it and can also be done directly through the cellphone browser.

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If anyone has difficulty making it, you can comment in this article about where it can’t be done so that the admin can help with your questions.

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