TikTok Shop Cashback, Here’s How to Get It

TikTok Shop Cashback — The TikTok Shop feature released on the TikTok application has attracted the attention of many people since its release. There are many interesting promos that TikTok provides to make other people interested in shopping at TikTok Shop.

One of them is by presenting a cashback promo. What is the cashback like on TikTok Shop and what does it look like?

TikTok Shop Cashback
Tik Tok Shop Cashback

Keep on reading this discussion to find out more about cashback on TikTok Shop.

What is Cashback on TikTik Shop?

Cashback at Tik Tok Shop is a promo where you can get your money that was previously used for shopping.

\Currently, there are many products on Tik Tok Shop that offer 100% Cashback.

For example, you buy goods for Rp. 50,000 by using 100% Cashback. After you receive the goods, you will get back the Rp. 50,000 you used for shopping in the form of a discount coupon.

Where does TikTik Shop Cashback go?

After you shop using Cashback, the cashback will be given back to you in the form of a discount coupon. Unfortunately, at TikTok Shop, the cashback you get will be broken down.

For example, you get 100% cashback of IDR 50,000. So, you will not get one discount coupon worth IDR 50,000. But you will get several coupons at once with different nominal which when added up will be worth Rp. 50,000.

Every discount coupon you get from this Cashback has a minimum purchase. Coupon will not be used if you do not shop according to the minimum purchase specified.

The discount coupon must also be used immediately, because it can expire if not used.

How to Use TikTik Shop Cashback

Interested in getting discount coupons from Cashback Tik Tok Shop? You can take advantage of the 100% Cashback currently on TikTok Shop. Here’s how to use 100% cashback on Tik Tok Shop:

  1. Open the TikTok app, log in with your account, then go to the TikTok Shop feature.
  2. After entering the TikTok Shop you can immediately search for the product you want.
  3. Make sure the product you are after has a 100% Cashback label, if there is no such label then you will not get cashback.
  4. After that you can checkout the goods with the 100% Cashback label of your choice.
  5. Select a payment method, then pay for your order.
  6. You will get a discount coupon of 100% cashback after the order is completed.

There are still many Tik Tok Shop users who feel that this 100% cashback is not profitable. But if you feel that this 100% cashback is profitable, then you can put it to good use. That’s all this TikTok Shop Cashback tutorial, hopefully it’s useful!