TikTok Universe Price List Latest Update 2022

TikTok Universe Price

Many people are already looking for extra income at home by doing live TikTok. You can earn by accumulating gifts given by viewers while they are live.

One of the most expensive gifts is TikTok Universe. Actually, how much is this TikTok Universe gift worth? Check out the following review.

Getting to Know About TikTok Universe

TikTok Universe is one of the most expensive gifts you can give when someone else is doing TikTok live. Many creators want to get a prize in the form of TikTok Universe because it is very expensive.

TikTok Universe Price

The price of TikTok Universe on TikTok is 34999 coins. When multiplied by the value of the rupiah, the price of TikTok Universe is equal to around 8 million rupiah.

No wonder many people want to be able to get this TikTok Universe prize while doing it live.

Gift List on TikTok

There are lots of gifts besides TikTok Universe that you can give when the host is going live. The following is a list of some gifts on TikTok that you can buy.

  • The Witch’s Hat costs 177 coins
  • Glasses cost 199 coins
  • Gold Necklace and Diamond Necklace cost 200 coins
  • The Bridal Veil costs 299 coins
  • Engagement Ring and Balloon Joget costs 300 coins
  • The necklace costs 400 coins
  • Gold Microphone costs 499 coins
  • Ballet dancer and Concert costs 500 coins
  • Applause costs 600 coins
  • Sawer Money and Love Balloons cost 699 coins
  • Shoes cost 700 coins
  • Pearl costs 800 coins
  • Batik clothes, Gold Mine and I are very rich cost 1000 coins
  • Fireworks cost 1088 coins
  • Gaming Chair costs 1200 coins
  • Diamond Crown costs 1499 coins
  • Flower arrangement costs 1500 coins
  • Makeup Box costs 1999 coins
  • South Korea the price is 2020 coins
  • The Music Box costs 2399 coins
  • Orang Utan and Elephant cost 2500 coins
  • Old Famous Car costs 2999 coins
  • The Ferris wheel costs 3000 coins
  • The Goddess of Love costs 2888 coins
  • The Ferris wheel costs 3000 coins
  • The plane costs 6000 coins
  • Fantasy Unicorn costs 5000 coins
  • Race Car costs 7000 coins
  • The cruise ship costs 7499 coins
  • The Match Trophy costs 7999 coins
  • The yacht costs 9888 coins
  • The palace costs 20000 coins
  • The lion costs 29999 coins
  • TikTok Universe costs 34999 coins

Convert Coin Price to Rupiah

After the host manages to get a gift or prizes when going live, the host can withdraw the balance by converting their coins to rupiah.

13 coins can be exchanged for 3 thousand rupiah, 70 coins can be exchanged for 17 thousand rupiah, 350 coins can be exchanged for 72 thousand rupiah, 700 coins can be exchanged for 139 thousand rupiah, 1050 coins can be exchanged for 279 thousand rupiah, 3500 coins can be exchanged for 690 thousand rupiah and 17500 coins can be exchanged for 3.5 million rupiah.

How to Buy Coins on TikTok

To be able to buy the various gifts above, you must first fill your coins. Here’s how to buy coins on TikTok:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Go to the profile menu and select the settings option.
  3. Click the balance menu and select recharge.
  4. Choose how many coins you want to buy and complete the payment.

Well, now you know a few things about TikTok Universe and how much it costs. Hopefully this information can be useful for you.