Time to Expect iPhone 14 to Have a 48 MP Camera?

Uzone.id – Actually, the road to the release of the latest iPhone is still long. Usually the hell Apple likes to release their premium phones towards the end of the year, if that’s not a problem.

Even so, news about the latest iPhone continues to emerge. Some say the iPhone 14 will not come with the Mini variant, other news says that the latest iPhone will have the most RAM than the previous iPhone.

The new news that is currently circulating is about the iPhone 14 camera. It is common knowledge that the iPhone has never been grandiose about the camera sensor.

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Unlike other smartphones that are vying for a big camera, Apple actually stay in a camera with a sensor that is relatively small but still deadly.

Call it the iPhone 13 Pro Max which has a camera sensor of 12MP, unlike other smartphones that have started to adopt cameras up to 108MP.

The difference is, Apple emphasizes on embedded camera technology so that iPhone cameras are not inferior in quality to cameras with large sensors, they can even be superior.

Well, the latest rumor leaked by analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple is reportedly going to improve the camera sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Both of these variants are predicted to come with a 48MP camera. So, don’t be surprised if bump The camera is even bigger.

From Kuo’s tweet, the diagonal bump of the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max camera will enlarge by about 25 to 35 percent due to an increase in the camera to 48MP.

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If these rumors are true, this will be a big leap for the iPhone series, from 12MP to 48MP. In addition, Apple also has not divulged about what technology they will bring for their super large camera.

However, everything can still change because Apple still has a long time until the release period which usually occurs in September. So, take this with a grain of salt, yeah.

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