Tips for choosing quality offal, your cooking will be more delicious

Offal become part of the body of animals, such as cows, buffalo, and chickens, which can be consumed by humans. Liver, kidney, heart, tripe, spleen, and tongue are often cooked into a variety of delicious dishes.

To produce a delicious offal dish, of course you have to pay attention to quality when buying it. This is actually easy to do, but also must be careful.

Don’t make the wrong choice of innards that are not fresh to make your cooking bad. For that, you need to listen to some tips in choosing offal below.

1. Choose innards with bright colors

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The quality and freshness of the offal can be seen from the color. Some fresh cow offal is usually bright and not pale.

For the spleen, it can be seen on the outside there is a yellowish clear membrane and the inside is red like blood. Likewise, tripe and intestines must be chosen which are yellowish white in color and not pale.

For the liver and kidneys, choose a glossy dark red color. Do not buy if the color is dark or dull. As for the lungs, choose those that are still red or light brown in color and not too dark.

This also applies to chicken offal, such as liver, gizzard, intestine, and heart. Don’t forget to always choose brightly colored chicken innards.

2. Fresh innards don’t smell fishy

5 Tips for Choosing Quality Offal, Your Cooking Becomes More Enjoyable fresh beef tripe (

Offal usually smells fishy. The fishy smell referred to here is like the smell of fresh blood.

Do not choose offal that smells too fishy or rancid and tends to rot, because it indicates the innards are old and unfit for consumption. This applies to all types of offal.

Sometimes there are sellers of innards who cheat by adding chemicals to preserve it and make it odorless or even odorless. You need to be careful with this and make sure the offal smells natural.

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3. Choose the texture of the innards that bounce

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Offal that is still fresh usually has a thick texture, its shape will return to its original shape when pressed. You can try pressing the lungs, liver, heart, and spleen. If the shape returns to its original shape, it means the innards are still fresh and good.

On the other hand, if the texture doesn’t return to its original position or it takes a long time to press, you can be sure that the offal is no longer fresh.

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4. Don’t choose slimy innards

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In addition to pressing the innards, you also need to feel the surface. If it is slimy, it can be ascertained that the offal is not suitable for consumption.

Especially for the spleen, you must be able to distinguish between mucus and the membrane that covers it. Usually the membrane on the spleen sticks and does not easily come off when removed.

5. Price sometimes also determines the freshness of the offal

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In some traditional markets, the price of offal is sometimes measured by the length of time the offal is on the table or stall of the seller. Fresh offal is usually priced more expensive than offal that is not fresh.

The price difference is usually not too much, only a difference of Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 10,000. This is what often deceives buyers and chooses cheaper offal without paying attention to the quality. After asking the price, make sure you always check the freshness of the offal, yes.

Well, now you know how to choose fresh and quality offal to produce delicious dishes. Don’t make the wrong choice, okay?

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