Tips for Cleaning the Car Engine Room, Close This Section

Jakarta, IDN Times – The engine room is indeed one of the places that is rarely cleaned. Especially if you usually wash your car at a car wash, this part is definitely rarely touched.

The problem is that the car washes that are often found on the roadside usually only focus on cleaning the body and interior areas, so the engine room of your car is definitely still dirty.

Even though you can actually clean the engine room yourself at home, here’s how.

1. Equipment to be prepared

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section Makarov

Before starting to clean the engine room, there are some equipment that you must prepare first so that you can clean it more optimally. The equipment needed includes an engine degreaser, car wash soap, clean water, brushes, brushes, sponges, plastic chamois and microfiber cloths.

Some of these equipment will make it easier for you to clean the engine room thoroughly, oh yes, don’t forget to make sure all the equipment is in clean condition, okay?

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2. Pay attention to the position of the car and the condition of the engine

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section firstCar parked in the shade ( Fousert)

Next you have to make sure the car is parked in a flat and shady place, don’t clean the car outside and be exposed to the sun directly. You see, in the engine room there are parts that are made of rubber and plastic so they are easily brittle and easily damaged if they are often exposed to the sun.

If you clean the engine room at night, make sure the light is bright enough to see the details of the engine room area. The goal is that no dirt is missed to be cleaned.

3. Close some sections

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section firstspecial

You can start by closing some components that have an electric current or really shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of water.

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Such as batteries, electrical sockets, air intake holes, coils, and fuses. You can cover it with plastic or other waterproof material.

4. Start cleaning the engine room area

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section firstIllustration of a car engine (Pixabay/Devolk)

The first thing you clean is the bottom of the hood, because its position is above the engine. If this is cleaned later, the dirt from behind the hood may fall into the clean engine room.

You can clean it with car wash soap with the help of a sponge or brush. After that just rinse using clean water. After that, you can immediately start cleaning the engine area, using the engine degreaser first to remove the crusted dirt.

After the engine degreaser, then use a brush and soapy water to clean the entire engine area, you can use a sponge, brush, or brush for hard-to-reach parts. Don’t forget to rinse all parts of the machine until the foam and dirt drops to the bottom.

5. Drying process

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section

You can do this drying process by using a chamois cloth first, then use microfiber for finishing so that there are no scratches on the machine area that has been cleaned earlier.

The important thing is to make sure there is no water in the engine room, especially stagnant water.

6. Warm up the car engine

Tips for cleaning the car engine room, close this section Dave

The final stage after all the parts are clean and dry, you can try starting the car engine with the hood still open.

In addition to warming the parts that are still damp, by heating the engine you can also tell whether a short circuit occurs or not. So, how easy is it? We recommend that you clean this engine room regularly, maybe once every two weeks or once a month.

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