Tips for Making Aesthetic or Sophisticated Homes – Home is a place to rest after a busy day. Now, apart from a place to rest, the house is also a place to carry out various activities, playing a more multifunctional role than just a place of shelter. Even now it’s a trend to become smart home or smart home

Of course, everyone has their own preferences for a comfortable home. Some are comfortable with aesthetically pleasing homes, with designs and colors that express their tastes, personalities and lifestyles.

However, there are also those who like a sophisticated house with various features home appliances smart, which will make it easier for them to do everything, especially in this increasingly digital era.

“Inspired by today’s diverse needs, Samsung presents a complete selection of home appliances according to user needs and preferences,” said Melvin Rubianto, Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

“For those who want a more sophisticated home, Samsung has the versatile Family Hub refrigerator, the smart POWERbot-E robotic vacuum and the AX60R air purifier for fast air purification,” he added.

He said if you want a more aesthetically pleasing home, the Samsung BESPOKE range offers a stylish, customizable and modular refrigerator, a minimalist but stylish and easy-to-clean microwave, and a stylish and powerful BESPOKE Cube Air Purifier.

Everything can be real life solutions which makes it easy, making the house the most comfortable area in everyday life.

For More Sophisticated Homes

Samsung’s smart home solutions provide innovative home appliances that are easy to control by the SmartThings app from a smartphone.

Not only from inside the house, household devices can now be monitored from anywhere via a smartphone, making homework easier. Some of these advanced home appliances options are:

1. Family Hub Refrigerator
The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is like a smart assistant that will help with various activities, and is able to connect with various other smart devices at home.

The Samsung Family Hub has a whiteboard and Memo feature for leaving text or voice messages for people at home. Connected to Spotify, users can cook, dine or just sit back and listen to their favorite playlist.

With the Smart Recipe feature, consumers can access various recipes along with the ingredients and how to cook them. Consumers can add recipes to the meal planner to arrange the weekly menu and add ingredients that need to be purchased to the shopping list. The stock of groceries that are still available in the refrigerator can be seen without opening the door thanks to the View Inside feature

Even more interesting, the Samsung Family Hub can connect with other smart devices in the home through the SmartThings app. With this application, users can turn on or turn off smart devices,settingsor limit its use of electricity.

2. POWERbot-E . Robotic Vacuum

Cleaning the house is even more practical and easy thanks to the presence of the latest robot vacuum from Samsung, POWERbot-E. Equipped with two technologies in one device, namely technology for vacuuming dust and dirt with strong suction and mopping floors effectively.

The POWERbot-E has a high suction power of 5W. When the suction function is working, this robotic vacuum also automatically runs the floor mopping function. The water tank inside has an electronic pump that works automatically.

With a slim design and only 85mm thick, this robotic vacuum can reach narrow areas such as the area under the sofa or decorative cupboards. This robot vacuum has various cleaning modes that can be adapted to conditions at home.

Scheduling Mode is also available to schedule cleaning automatically at a specified time. So, the house remains in a clean condition, even if left to travel.

POWERbot-E is also equipped with a smart sensing system (Smart Sensing System) to ensure the vacuum cleaner works with precision. The combination of Gyro sensor to control movement, anti-impact sensor and bumper sensor will ensure the device cleans the house and doesn’t damage furniture due to impact. The device also has a drop-proof sensor to ensure it doesn’t fall on the household steps.

The POWERbot-E is equipped with a 3,400mAh capacity battery that can perform 150 minutes of cleaning.

With the smart control feature, users can control it remotely using a Wi-Fi connection and the SmartThings application on a smartphone, from starting, turning off to setting a cleaning schedule.

3 Air Purifier AX60R

The Samsung air purifier AX60R is an air purifier that is slim and has hidden wheels so it can be moved easily.

This air purifier is able to clean the air in a wider area faster and has an auto mode or sleep mode for air purification according to consumer needs.

The front will suck in the surrounding air and a powerful fan will spread clean air in all directions with 3-way air flow.

This air purifier has a multi-layer air purification system that is able to remove 99.9 percent of very small dust particles up to 0.3㎛. In addition, the Activated Carbon Deodorization Filter layer will filter harmful gases in the air.

This device is also equipped with a PM Sensor to accurately detect air pollution levels through numbers and color indicators. Very fine dust and particles less than 1.0㎛ and polluted gases in the air can be detected and displayed on an intuitive numeric display.

With the SmartThings application, consumers can control this device with a smartphone from anywhere and anytime. Consumers can turn devices on or off, check air quality, and monitor filter status.

Then products for Aesthetic Homes:

1. BESPOKE Refrigerator

BESPOKE Refrigerator comes with a stylish and customizable design, as well as a choice of varied finishes and colors, which can be mixed and matched as needed, and comes with optimal cooling performance to keep food ingredients fresh for longer.

With a wide choice of finishes and colors, this refrigerator can be combined harmoniously into various home interior designs, both in the kitchen, open kitchen, and even the living room area. The Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator also comes with a flat design and slim depth, so that the front is in harmony with the kitchen cabinet or other furniture at home.

Its modular configuration allows users to add more refrigerator units as storage needs increase, for example when family members grow. The new refrigerator can be directly connected to the old unit like a flawless unit with matching colors.

In addition to aesthetics, all types of Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator can also be connected to SmartThings so that users can get notifications when the refrigerator door is not closed tightly. Users can also adjust the temperature in the fridge and freezer, without needing to open the fridge.

2. BESPOKE Microwave

For a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen, the Samsung BESPOKE Microwave comes with designs and colors that match individual tastes and individual kitchen styles. The control panel uses Glass Touch with six buttons that can be accessed easily and is combined with a glass door to add a stylish and elegant impression.

The inside uses Ceramic Enamel material which is easy to clean.

This microwave is able to defrost frozen food quickly thanks to the Quick Defrost which can be adjusted according to 5 types of commonly used food ingredients: such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and bread.

Just select the type and weight of the food and the microwave will calculate the optimal defrosting time while preserving the nutrients.

3. BESPOKE Cube Air Purifier

This BESPOKE Cube Air purifier comes with an aesthetic and modern design. This Air Purifier not only has an aesthetic design but is also able to clean the air quickly and intensively, maintaining the comfort and health of the occupants of the house.

The BESPOKE Cube powerfully purifies air even in large rooms with the 3D Surround Purification feature.

This technology spreads clean air in one or three directions depending on the air quality in the room and sucks in air from 5 directions, from above, from below, from left, right and from behind.

This device is equipped with a Micro Air Sensor to measure air pollution levels with precision and detect harmful dust and gases. The Micro Air Sensor can detect dust particles in real time, including 0.3㎛ fine dust.

The gas sensor will identify gas contaminants, including ammonia and benzene gases.

The smart purification mode feature will analyze air quality and automatically control the flow of clean air. The BESPOKE Cube also operates quietly with WindFree mode to reduce noise and direct wind gusts.

In addition to aesthetics, the BESPOKE Cube is also equipped with smart features and can be controlled with the SmartThings application to check air quality and turn the device on or off.

The Intelligent Care feature will also monitor the level of air pollution and automatically optimize the performance of the BESPOKE Cube.

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