Tips on how to take care of a laptop hard drive to be durable and always last this year

How to take care of a laptop hard drive to be durable and long lasting – The hard drive is one of the important components in PCs and laptops whose function is to store data.

Although there are now SSDs that can be said to be faster, hard disks are still one of the most favorite storage media today.

And as an electronic component, HDD will be destroyed along with its use. Over time, the health of the hard drive will decline and eventually become a bad sector.

Even though your hard drive will crash one day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do maintenance.

By taking good care, you can maintain the health of your hard drive so that it does not quickly decrease and eventually be destroyed.

This can extend the life of the HDD and make it last longer than one that is not properly cared for.

How to Take Care of a Laptop PC’s Hard Drive to Make it Last

How to take care of a laptop hard drive

Want to know what are the tips? The following is a way to care for a laptop hard drive so that it lasts a long time that you should know.

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1. Turn off the Laptop PC Device Properly

The first way is to pay attention to how to turn off your device. Make sure you do it the right way according to the procedure. This is what many users often overlook.

Turning off devices that are not in accordance with procedures such as unplugging the PC from the power source suddenly will make various components in it become destroyed quickly.

The recommended way is to follow the lethal procedure first and wait until he is completely dead.

2. Use the Laptop in the Right Place

Many people like to use a laptop while in bed and we are sure you often do too. Without you knowing it, this bad behavior can be the cause of your device being destroyed faster.

Why? Just think about it, if you use a laptop on a mattress or pillow, the hot air will not be able to get out optimally.

As a result, the laptop gets hot quickly and eventually overheats. And internal components such as hard drives will be affected by excessive heat.

Use your laptop on an object that does not block the circulation of hot air. So that the temperature of the device can be maintained properly without fear of overheating.

3. Don’t Create Too Many Partitions

Generally, a hard drive that has a large capacity will be divided into several partitions. It aims to separate and make it easier to organize different files.

For example, we separate file systems with personal data so they don’t get mixed up.

This one method has proven to be effective, but it is recommended not to create too many partitions on the HDD. This will make the hard disk fragments also divided and interfere with the read and write process.

It is recommended to divide the HDD into 2 or 3 partitions to keep it optimal.

4. Save Enough Data and Don’t Overdo it

The hard drive serves as a place to store data. However, it is not recommended to store redundant data to fill the hard drive.

This will make performance heavier and eventually bad sectors worse. Try to keep some capacity for the HDD to work casually.

If you have more data to store, use another external storage.

5. Clear Cache Files Routinely

With hard drive usage over time, it will create junk files in useless aliases.

This can come from various processes occurring or it may be a file that is no longer needed. It is very important to clean the files regularly.

This will free up some space, making HDD performance lighter.

6. Don’t Let the Hard Drive Be Overwhelmed

This is a continuation of the above. When a PC or laptop is used, of course it will generate heat from its performance.

But it has been designed to be able to get the temperature out properly so it doesn’t heat up quickly.

Now if the air circulation is interrupted, it can overheat the components in the hard drive or processor. If there is excessive heat, it will certainly make the component life shorter and easily destroyed.

In addition, use only reasonable equipment and do not push performance beyond its capabilities.

7. Defrag Hard Drive Regularly

As you use it every day, the hard drive’s performance will degrade over time. Defrag is an attempt to maintain the read and write capabilities of the HDD so that it is slightly increased.

By doing it regularly, of course, HDD health will be more awake and not easily destroyed. It can also prevent bad sectors from happening as a lot of data can accumulate over time.

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8. Perform Routine Hard Disk Cleaning

For further tips, this is only recommended for those who already know how. Or if not, seek help from an expert.

With daily use, of course there will be dust or dirt on the hard disk.

If you do regular cleaning, then it can make the performance lighter.

But again remember that you have to be careful. Do not let the intention to clean even damage because of a wrong step.

9. Avoid Device From Hard Impact

As an electronic device, of course, a laptop or PC is very susceptible to collisions. Especially if the laptop falls, it can cause damage to not only the hard drive but other components as well.

And as explained above, it is not recommended for the PC to be directly cut off without turning it off first.

10. Always Provide the Best Antivirus for Your Device

Antivirus is arguably software that must be installed on every laptop and computer. This application will protect our device from viruses or malware that could potentially damage files on the hard disk.

Without antivirus protection, the risk of damage will be even greater. Use popular software such as Avast, Smadav, or others.

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Thus our article on How to Take Care of a Laptop Hard Drive To Be Durable and Long Lasting, hopefully it can help you in caring for a laptop hard drive so that it lasts a long time.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.