Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono Do a DNA Test, What are the Benefits Apart from Finding Out Family Origins?

Suara.com – Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono recently did a DNA test. Instead of matching the family’s genetic origins, the husband and wife did a DNA test as part of a health check.

“We have come to know many things about the potential and needs of each body,” said Titi, quoted from ANTARA, Thursday (3/2/2022).

Most people may not be aware of the other benefits of the DNA test. In addition to knowing the genetic origin of the family, the benefits of DNA testing are actually very broad.

“Actually, DNA testing has wider benefits. It’s a kind of map in our bodies that has been formed since birth. It can show certain talent tendencies that maybe we can explore deeper,” said Muhammad Farhan Ghifarry, COO of Asa Ren, one of the companies that provided DNA test service, to Suara.com, Friday (4/3/2022).

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Through the DNA test, a person’s natural talent can be revealed. This, according to Farhan, will certainly help in self-knowledge.

In terms of health, DNA testing is also of course useful to determine health conditions. It even helps in the process of proper medical procedures and matches the structure of DNA.

“So it’s not only in terms of tendencies in personal skills. But we can also find out prepositions for health. There are testimonials from our customers, three times ACL (anterior cruciate ligaments) surgery, when the DNA test was really told that his ACL was very bad. So, if for example, it is known from the start that the ACL is very low, we can prevent it early,” he said.

Unlike the previous technology, the latest DNA tests now no longer need to take blood samples. Farhan said that enough DNA samples were taken from the mucosa in the mouth by rubbing ten times. At first glance, sampling is similar to the Covid-19 PCR swab.

“People are still familiar with it maybe with blood drawing. But this is with the latest technology, it is still rarely implemented in Indonesia,” said Farhan.

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