To Get to Disney World Every Month, This Woman Donates Plasma Donations 2 Times A Week – Liz Gramlich (28) from Pennsylvania has been an amusement park fan since childhood. Since the summer of 2020, he has visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida, 15 times.

Now, he plans to do it at least once a month throughout 2022.

Despite this visit, where does Liz get the allowance so she can go to Disney World every month? The trick is to donate plasma twice a week.

Inspired by the cheap flight ticket price, which is around IDR 287,000 and lives near the airport, in 2020 Liz decided to visit Disney World in Orlando for one day.

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Liz became addicted and she made her visit to the amusement park a New Year’s resolution.

Liz Gramlich (TikTok)
Liz Gramlich (TikTok)

Even so, he needs funds to buy plane tickets, food, hotel lodging, and other aspects.

Liz also started donating her blood plasma, report Insiders.

“I realized that this is beneficial for us, where we can enjoy doing something we love, while helping other people too,” said Liz.

Liz usually gets paid between IDR 10.7 million to IDR 17.9 million every month from blood plasma donors twice a week.

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The money could almost entirely fund a trip to Disney.

Blood plasma can indeed be donated twice a week, because the human body will produce it again within 48 hours or two days.

This procedure is safe as long as the donor is in good health and does not donate more than is allowed.

Blood plasma has the ability to help the body boost the immune system.

Some health conditions that require plasma donors are hemophilia A, primary immunodeficiency disease, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) disorder, and Von Willebrand’s disease.