Today’s 122 Years of FC Bayern Munich: Record for Most German Bundesliga Champions

TEMPO.CO, BerlinFussball Club Bayern München or known as FC Bayern Munich is a professional football club in Germany based in the City of Munich.

Founded on February 27, 1900, to this day at the age of 122, Bayern Munich has made various achievements, one of which is often winning the Bundesliga competition.

According to the official website, FC Bayern Munich The first was founded by 17 football players led by Franz John from Berlin. Considering the financial condition and to overcome the problem of field availability, Bayern then decided to join the famous gymnastics club in Munich named Munchner TurnVerein 1879 (MTV 1879).

One of the consequences when joining MTV 1879, Bayern Munich had to wear MTV’s uniform. Namely, in the form of red shorts and a white shirt. Apparently, that color has become the color of Bayern Munich’s greatness until now when playing on the green grass arena.

In 1907, FC Bayern Munich left MTV and started based on the Leopoldstrasse field. After that, the momentum of Bayern’s revival began. Precisely in the 1920s, Bayern had 700 members and made it the biggest club in Munich. In 1926, the club nicknamed ‘The Reds’ managed to win the championship in South Germany.

After World War II, football in West Germany was played in five regional leagues, the top division being called the Oberliga. Bayern played in the Oberliga Süd (“South”) and won the German Cup for the first time in 1957. In 1963 the West German national league, called the Bundesliga, was launched, and Bayern gained promotion to this league for the 1965–66 season.

In the late 1960s, the Bayern team was strengthened by three giants of German football: goalkeeper Sepp Maier, forward Gerd Müller and defender Franz Beckenbauer. Müller was the Bundesliga’s top scorer for seven seasons and established himself as the all-time top goalscorer in the Bundesliga.

With the strong support of these first-class players, Bayern began to collect trophies in several top-level football events, such as the European Cup Winners’ Cup, the Bundesliga, to the Champions League. His first title in the Bundesliga, won in the 1968-1969 season.

The record for winning the Bundesliga nine times in a row occurred in the 2012-2021 season. In the 2020-2022 season, Bayern made sure to win the German League competition after their closest competitor RB Leipzig was defeated by Borussia with a score of 2-3. The nick of nine consecutive league titles, is the longest record in the club’s history in the Bundesliga scene.

Far back, Bayern Munich actually has topped the final standings of the Bundesliga 15 times since the 2000-2001 season ago. Reported from, overall this club has incised 31 champions in the German top league. This achievement, put FC Bayern München as the most Bundesliga trophy collector of all time.

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