Tokopedia x Indonesian Embassy in Paris Supports ‘Jewel Rocks’ to PFW 2022

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) is a fashion show and designer presentation held in Paris, France. No doubt, PFW is one of the fashion events The biggest one that fashion fans have been waiting for.

In addition to the fashion show, this year PFW also held a Paris Fashion Week Showroom. In the ‘Indonesian Designers in Paris by L’Adresse Paris Agency’ program, one of the local MSMEs, Jewel Rocks, was chosen to be invited.

1. Jewel Rocks brand from Bali participated in Paris Fashion Week

Jewel Rocks started its business in 2006. As a business owner jewelry In this case, Imelda Widjaja admitted that she was inspired by her unique hobby of collecting jewelery when traveling.

“I finally got the idea to make modern jewelry that can be a memory or souvenir without leaving traditional elements ranging from techniques and themes,” he said.

This local business unit also collaborates with a number of silver, resin, glass bead craftsmen, to natural color makers. Starting from craftsmen located in Bali, East Java, to Bandung.

2. Jewel Rocks is one of the local MSMEs that can showcase their autumn/winter 2022 collection at the Paris Fashion Week Showroom

Jewel Rocks was officially selected as one of the local MSMEs invited to the Paris Fashion Week Showroom. To be precise, in the ‘Indonesian Designers in Paris by L’Adresse Paris Agency’ program.

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They showcased their autumn/winter 2022 collection in this prestigious fashion show. The showroom of PFW itself will be held on March 4-7, 2022 at the Palais Brongniart, Paris.

Responding to that, Mohamad Oemar as the Indonesian Ambassador in Paris said, “France as one of the world’s fashion mecca can be used as access for Indonesian designers to enter the international market”.

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3. Starting with an initial capital of IDR 500 thousand, now Jewel Rocks is worldwide

This jewelry business started with an initial capital of IDR 500 thousand. Over time, Jewel Rocks now has 10 employees whose status is dominated by housewives.

Imelda explained that digital shopping platforms such as Tokopedia helped with sales turnover. “In a month we can get up to 150 orders from Sabang to Merauke. In fact, our turnover in 2021 will increase three times compared to 2020,” he said.

For activities at the Paris Fashion Week Showroom, Imelda and the team have prepared 10 new designs from Jewel Rocks. In addition, there are also several customer favorite collections that are also exhibited.

That’s the brief information about Jewel Rocks that entered the Paris Fashion Week Showroom. Hopefully local MSMEs will show their best potential!

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