TOP 12 Most Hot & Worthy Garut Tourist Attractions

Besides being famous for its typical dodol culinary, it turns out that there are many cheap Garut attractions that are worth visiting. Its strategic location, easy to reach, especially from the city of Bandung, makes Garut the ideal destination for a vacation with your beloved family.

Garut City is a small town that presents a beautiful atmosphere. So it’s perfect for those of you who want to take a break from your daily routine weekend. This is the most beautiful Garut tourist attraction with a million beauty that is a pity to miss!

Thunder Mountain

For traveler For young people who like to climb mountains, you can try this tourist attraction. Mount Guntur has a height of 2,665 meters above sea level, as well as one of the Mount Merapi in West Java. With its height, it definitely brings a cool natural feel when you first set foot in this place.

Arriving at this mountain, you will be greeted by amazing beauty and biodiversity. This is the reason why many climbers make this place the best destination.

There are several spots that are presented in this place, ranging from Manuk Crater, Nangklak Crater, Baru Crater and Mas Crater. Here there is also the Pondok Saladah Block, presenting a charming meadow that is ready to spoil the eye.

Papandayan Crater Tour

If you are interested in the exoticism of the crater of Mount Papandayan in Garut, you can try one of these attractions. There are two swimming pools filled with hot water as an attraction for visitors.

The water temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy the natural panorama as well as soak in hot water to warm the body. In addition to providing a relaxing effect, of course hot water containing sulfur is believed to provide health benefits.

Interestingly, you will be served by a viewing post that can present extraordinary views in this tourist area. This Viewpoint is located in the Papandaan Camping Ground Area, precisely in Sirnajaya Village, Cisurupan, Garut, West Java.

Papandayan Leisure Park

This tour is arguably still new, because it was opened in early 2017. However, its charm has been able to attract many tourists to visit this place. Located just 2 km from Mount Papandayan Crater, before reaching the Papandayan Camping Ground Area.

Actually the concept of tourism is almost the same as the Papandayan Camping Ground. It’s just that here there are many interesting spots for selfie photos, so it’s only natural that this place is always in demand by tourists.

Papandayan Dead Forest

Garut tourism that smells of Mount Papandayan is still a prima donna in the city of Garut, in addition to the Camping Ground and Leisure Park Papandayan, there is another place that you must visit in Garut, namely the Papandayan Dead Forest.

Presents a unique view of dead forest, due to the eruption of Mount Papandayan which occurred in 2002. Even though it looks gloomy because it offers views of the dry forest, this place can be used as a photography spot with visual charming.

Not a few tourists who capture their moments in this place through an artistic photo. Unfortunately, the smell of sulfur in this area is quite strong. So, for those of you who go to this place, don’t forget to wear a mask!

Leuwi Tonjong

Located in Rontog Village, precisely in Jayamukti Village, Cihurip, Garut, making Leuwi Tonjong a tourist attraction that is no less interesting. This tourist spot presents view
which is so enchanting with a small waterfall that flows and a pond below which is quite shallow.

Not only that, the atmosphere is also very cool with views of green hills and exotic cliffs, very fitting to be used as a great photo spot. instagrammable.

Leuwi Jubleg

Besides Leuwi Tonjong, Garut also has a similar tourist area that is no less charming. The flow of water in Leuwi Jubleg is very clear and refreshing, not to mention the scenery is very fantastic, always ready to welcome visitors. traveler who visited here.

The naming “Jubleg” itself means a traditional mash tool, describing the rocks around it resembling a jubleg. This Garut tour has a very clear and very tempting reservoir pool.

Tumpang Natural Cliffs

Garut also presents cliff tours in Tanjungjaya Village, Banjarwangi, Garut, West Java. This Batu Tumpang Natural Cliff can be an alternative for tourists who like activities climbing.

Access to this place is quite easy, considering that it is located on the side of the road, so there are many visitors who are interested in visiting this unique tourist attraction while on vacation. You can enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills of tea gardens that are green and soothing to the eyes.

Karacak Valley

Another very popular tourist attraction in Garut is the Karacak Valley. Presenting a very beautiful area, consisting of a stretch of pine forest and coffee plantations covering an area of ​​92 hectares.

This place can be a favorite tourist destination choice, with an exotic waterfall called Curug Ngebul. You can also visit Dogar Peak to enjoy view Mount Cikuray and the city of Garut above the heights.

Cikembulan Animal Park

If Bogor has a Safari Park, then Garut also has a Cikembulan Animal Park. Even though it is not as neat and complete as the animals in Bogor Safari Park, this place is worth visiting as an educational tour that provides insight into the various kinds of animals for children while on vacation.

In this Animal Park, you can find Orang Utans, Elephants, Rhinos, Snakes, Lions, and so on. Besides being able to observe the animals more closely, you can also stay in this area where the atmosphere is still very beautiful.

Nyusun Stone Waterfall

Have you ever enjoyed a waterfall attraction? You can try this one destination while on vacation to Garut. Curug Batu Nyusun, as the name implies is a waterfall tour that has rock cliffs arranged together

Presents the flow of water along the cliff, thus providing a cool and exotic atmosphere. The location of the Batu Nyusun waterfall is in Pangrumasan, Pendeuy, Garut Regency, West Java Province.

Wind Pillar Hill

Wind Pillar Hill is also a tourist recommendation that you should not miss. This hill is filled with yellowish grass, as well as famous as a cool photo spot for photography lovers.

A unique view, increasingly felt by the presence of a rural atmosphere, especially when you see the sheep in this area being grazed.

Rancabuaya Beach

After being satisfied with exploring mountain attractions and waterfalls, now turn to beach attractions in Garut. Although not too big, this city presents a very complete tour package.

One of them is Rancabuaya Beach which is directly adjacent to the South Java Sea. The waves that you feel on this beach are indeed quite large. The rocks on this beach are ready to break the waves, while providing a natural phenomenon that is so refreshing.

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Uniquely again, on this beach there is a waterfall or waterfall whose flow goes directly to the ocean. Wow, unique isn’t it? If you are interested, just go to this tourist location in Purbayani Village, Caringin District, Garut, West Java.

Those are 12 Garut hits attractions that you can stop by, go ahead list some of the attractions above for your vacation plans!