Track Other People’s Locations Latest 2022

The existence of the internet and social media has both positive and negative effects on a child’s development. So as a wise parent, you should always pay attention to how your child explores social media and how he uses the internet.

Don’t let your child blame the cell phone and internet access that their parents have given them. To prevent unwanted things from happening, as a parent you can try using eyezy apk which will help you control your child’s cellphone and internet usage. Therefore, this application is quite useful for parents.

This application also allows parents to track the location of their children when they are outside the house in real time and record their movements. So what is Eyezy Apk? Curious about this one application? Please refer to the detailed review of Eyezy apk so that you as parents can learn more about this viral application.

About Eyezy Apk App

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Eyezy apk is one of the most popular applications that has become viral today. The eyezy application has a very important role for parents to always monitor their children in real time, because of that eyezy is also said to be a control application.

Not only can it track children, but this application can also monitor various social media content that children see such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter of children that you can monitor secretly. More than that, your eyezy application can easily find the browsing history of your child in the browser, with this parents can find out what websites the child has visited. If you find that your child is visiting a bad site, as a parent you can immediately and appropriately rebuke.

Therefore, this application is quite reliable. Along with the development of technology which is increasingly sophisticated so that some minors are used to playing various social media applications with lots of good and bad content.

When we as parents neglect to monitor the development of a child, it is possible that the child will fall into negative things. Therefore, this eyezy application is highly recommended as the most powerful control application and helps you protect your family.

Eyezy App Features

Before downloading and using the eyezy application, it is better for potential users to understand what features are provided by the application in order to take full advantage of it. What are its features? Watch till the end:

  • Monitor children’s activities
  • Location tracker
  • View search history in browser
  • View recently viewed social media content
  • Detect chat history
  • Find a stolen or lost phone
  • Restricting content or sites used by other phones
  • Detect language users
  • And others

Download the Eyezy Apk App

If you are interested in using this application, you must first create an account through the official eyez website, namely

Only after you have finished creating an account, you can install the eyezy application on your cellphone and the phone that will be tracked later. Then you can monitor your child’s cellphone or other people’s cellphones you want.

If users experience difficulties while using eyezy, users can contact Customer Support who is ready to help you 24 hours. Want to download this eyezy app? Use the download link that we provide below.

  • App name: Eyezy
  • Size: 74.7 Mb
  • Version : 1.0.6
  • Development: Fortunex Limited
  • Download links:

How to use Eyezy Apk?

Actually, this eyezy apk can be said to be used the same as Google Find My Device or other tracking applications. In its use, it takes a connection and access to other phones that you want to track later. So you also have to install the eyezy apk application to the child’s or partner’s phone to be controlled.

So you have access to maps or GPS and other applications on the user’s cell phone that you are monitoring what activities are being carried out on the cellphone. Well, we recommend having permission first on the phone you want to install the Eyezy application for using reasons for security if something unexpected happens and being wise in accessing this application so as not to damage the privacy of other users.

The final word

Finally, that’s the information we can convey about Downloading the Eyezy Apk application as a very useful control application. Hopefully useful and see you again in other interesting articles.