Travelers No Longer Need Antigens and PCR – Saudi Arabia removed a number of restrictions related to COVID-19, after reporting a decline in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.

The decision which was inaugurated on Saturday (5/3/2022) was taken in view of the pandemic situation which is considered to be gradually improving in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry decided that social restrictions would be removed, but the public was still required to wear masks indoors, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

In addition, the arrivals also no longer need to submit the results of the rapid antigen test or PCR and they do not have to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival at the airport, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated.

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Meanwhile, citing the Saudi Gazette, Saudi Arabia will also no longer announce the daily number of positive cases. The Ministry of Health has officially suspended the regular press conferences that are usually held to provide briefings on the latest developments of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The publication of daily statistical reports on coronavirus cases will also be stopped. However, the data will be available to experts and specialists on the ministry’s official website,” said Ministry of Health spokesman Dr Mohammed Al-Abdel Ali, quoted by the Saudi Gazette.

Abdel Ali added that the Kingdom will continue to provide information and developments related to the pandemic if there are urgent matters.

“The kingdom has almost completely contained the pandemic, thanks to expansion in immunization efforts and increased public awareness programmes,” he said.

Saudi Arabia announced that it had ended all Covid-19 restrictions, such as social distancing and wearing masks outdoors, since Saturday (5/3/2022).

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This includes removing social distancing at the two Holy Mosques and all mosques in the Kingdom but worshipers must still wear masks while in closed spaces.