Trending Popo on Twitter and TikTok, Here’s the Viral Video Link!

Twitter and Tiktok are not surprised that they always provide news that is viral or trending and is widely discussed by netizens. One that is currently being sought by many people because it is viral and trending is a man named Popo Barbie who reportedly made a mistake while live without realizing it. What mistakes did Popo make that became trending and viral on various social media?

For those who don’t know about Popo Barbie, she is a tiktoker who has up to 1.4 million followers on her tiktok account with username@popo_barbie. Maybe you are a bit wondering why his name is Popo Barbie when he is a man, so Popo has a characteristic that always displays a style of dress and dress up like a failed Barbie, so he is called Popo Barbie.

In addition, Popo Barbie’s hilarious style makes her a tiktoker who is liked by netizens because it is very entertaining, even Popo has gotten more than 55 million likes from his followers. He is a content creator who provides funny and silly content. Popo Barbie is well-known among Tik Tok residents for diligently making video content with the appearance and make up like a woman.

You could say her appearance is almost similar to Mimi the fairy but of course with unique characteristics. In this discussion, we will provide a summary of information about who Popo Barbie really is and how Popo is trending on Twitter and tiktok along with the full review!

Popo Barbie Profile and Biography Viral

Trending Popo on Twitter and TikTok

Popo Barbie is a Tiktok content creator who is quite popular, not only that because Popo is also popular on social media because she shamelessly shows the appearance that is considered a barbie. The thick and flashy make-up gave her a distinctive feature that caught the attention of netizens. The following is Popo’s profile and biodata, who is reportedly sick but this news has not yet received clear clarification from Popo:

  • Full Name: Popo Barbie
  • Age: 21 to 25 years old
  • Islam
  • Origin: Full River, Jambi
  • Tiktok Account: @popo_barbie
  • Instagram account: popo_barbie1
  • Facebook Account: Popo Barbie

This is not the first time Popo has been trending on twitter and tiktok because he has created content with jenglot’s possession. This time, he just created content that either intentionally or unintentionally caused a stir among netizens because in the live the sensitive part of his torn pants was clearly visible and made netizens talk about this and the full explanation!

Reasons for Trending Popo on Twitter and TikTok

For netizens who are curious and looking for why Popo is trending on twitter and tiktok because of a live video that as usual wears women’s clothes and wears thick makeup, but whether he realizes it or not, it turns out that the pants used by Popo are torn in the middle so that his “anu” is clearly visible.

As explained by the Twitter account @privgguk regarding the video why Popo can be trending because when Popo is doing live with a squatting position and wide open the waist down. It was seen that the sensitive part of Popo was either intentionally or not clearly exposed by the netizens, so the account said that the decision to watch Popo’s video was left to netizens.

The viral video made Popo provide clarification, the video of which you can watch at the following link: In the clarification video, it explains that for the past month I have not been active on the Tik tok application even when the video that is currently viral is trending.

Although Popo admitted that the video did show his true self, but he did not feel like spreading the video, he also said that the conditions that occurred at that time related to his pants that were perforated and torn and his anus was seen as an act of accident. If you are looking for the video link, is it still available or not, you can use the following link:

The final word

That’s the information that we have summarized regarding the reason why Popo is trending on twitter and tiktok, if you are curious about the video and clarification from Popo, please click on the link we have provided. See you in our next article and share if this is useful for others!