Types of Nail Mines, Can Make Tires Leak

Jakarta, IDN Times – Nail mines are still widely scattered on major roads, including the streets of the capital city. Nail mines are spread by irresponsible people who want to take advantage of motorists with punctured tires caused by the spikes.

It turns out that in action, the nail mine used consists of several different types of nails. Check out the discussion below.

1. Nails

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Nails are the most common type of mine. Generally, nails are used for various kinds of daily needs. However, the perpetrators who spread nail mines used nails to punch holes in motorcycle tires on the streets.

The size of the nails used also ranges. The longer it is, it can be said that the perpetrator is targeting a large vehicle. Usually, the nails found are 2-5 cm in size. If a longer nail is found, then the nail is intended for a passing bus or large truck.

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2. Bent nails

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Apart from being intact, nails that were intentionally bent can also be found. Usually, the spikes form a 90-degree angle so that it can be easier to make up for the tire tread. Perpetrators need more effort because they need to bend nails with tools.

3. Umbrella spokes

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This type of nail mine uses the spokes of an old umbrella. This mine is shaped like a tube that is cut in half and leaves a pointed part in each half. In order to quickly puncture the tire, the spokes of the umbrella are cut into small pieces measuring 2-5 cm, the cut marks also have a sharp surface.

The color of the spokes of the umbrella is also the same as the color of the asphalt, making it difficult to see on the street. In addition, this type of nail mine is also very light and thin, so it is easier to fit into the tire.

4. Nuts and bolts

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In addition to the three types of nail mines above, there are also other materials such as nuts and bolts. Whatever it is, all sharp objects on the road need to be watched out for because they can endanger the driver.

Therefore, always be careful when driving and be alert to see the state of the road that will be passed.

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