Umbul Manten 2022 Entrance Ticket, Pictures & Tourist Locations

pennant manten is a tourist destination in Klaten that offers baths with natural water sources, there are 3 places to swim, namely the main pool, the eastern pool, and the river flow.

Opening hours:06:00-18:00 WIB
Ticket price: Rp. 6,000
Lodging: Ramada Suites By Wyndham Solo, RedDoorz near De Tjolomadoe, Hotel Pramesthi Kartasura
Address:Janti Boto Street, Boto, Wunut, Tulung, Klaten Regency, Central Java 57482
Pennant Manten
How can it be so clear?

Pennant Manten Klaten

Speaking of the Klaten area, most people will say that there is a ponggok pennant, right? Yep, Klaten has long been known as an area that has many natural springs. One of Popular tourist destinations in Klaten namely Umbul Ponggok. But this time we will discuss a tourist spot that is no less popular, namely the pennant manten.

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As well as pennant ponggok, pennant manten is also a tourist spot for swimming with natural springs. But the difference is, in Umbul Manten there are 3 natural recreation areas that can be found by tourists in one place. Plus the location of the pennant manten there are many large and shady trees. So a double fresh sensation, natural springs plus a location that is protected from direct sun exposure.

Behind the name pennant manten or the Indonesian meaning of the source of bridal water, there is a quite interesting history. As uploaded in

It is said that comes from a legend of a pair of brides who mysteriously disappeared. The disappearance of the bride and groom is suspected to have violated the advice or their parents’ orders not to leave the house together for 40 days after marriage. However, for whatever reason, they actually violated the order.

On the other hand, the Manten pennant is currently quite popular as a tourist spot for swimming in clear water in Klaten. There are 3 places that tourists can enjoy, namely the main pool, which is quite small in size and has a depth of up to 1.5 meters, the water in the main pool cannot be cloudy, because the bottom of the pool is rocks. There is also a pond on the east side of the main pool, the height of the pool is as high as an adult’s, usually this place is filled by children, and the last one is a shallow river. In the flow of the river, tourists can enjoy the coolness of the water from natural sources.

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Not only that, if you are still not satisfied with swimming in the Umbul Ponggok, visitors can continue the journey to Umbul Pelem Waterpark which is located only 150 meters from the Umbul Manten. At Umbul Palem Waterpark there is a swimming pool built of concrete and several other water rides. The flow of water in the pennant palm pond is a natural spring.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Umbul Manten Klaten

The entrance fee for the pennant manten is quite cheap at 6,000 / person and the vehicle parking fee is only 3,000. In addition to the cheap entry fee, the price of food at the Umbul Maten tourist location is also very affordable.

Location of Umbul Manten Klaten

The location of the Manten banner is on Jalan Janti Boto, Boto, Wunut, Tulung, Klaten Regency, Central Java 57482. Only about 4 km from the main Jogja – Solo route with good road access. Similarly, the distance from the main route and the road to the pennant ponggok is 4 km.

Photo Gallery of Umbul Manten Klaten

Not only the immediate sensation that you will get if you visit this tourist spot, but also the photos are very good. The following are photos taken from tourists who have visited Umbul Manten

Cool Umbul manten
Image by @ardi_ramadhaan
Manten Umbul Falls
Image by @bagoesir20
Pennant pendulum manten
Image by @bagoesir20
Sleeping in Umbul manten
Image by @supriyadi_mulyadi
Umbul manten swimming
Great Umbul manten

Around the location of the manten pennant, there are not only palm banners, Klaten in the eastern area has many banners that have been opened as tourist destinations.

Oh yes, you should visit here in the morning around 6 o’clock, because the pennant manten in the afternoon or evening is very crowded with visitors. Don’t forget to share.