Unwanted Pregnancy, Can Husband and Wife Have Abortion?

Suara.com – Due to the pandemic, the baby birth rate is quite high in Indonesia. This can not be separated from the number of unwanted pregnancies, so it is not uncommon for married couples to want to abort or have an abortion.

An unwanted pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not planned. Especially during the pandemic, many health facilities, hospitals or clinics, are closed, so women cannot access contraceptives or birth control pills or consult a doctor.

In fact, many of these women are still in the stage of exclusive breastfeeding, and are forced to stop because they experience unwanted pregnancies.

Then the question is, if in that condition, can the couple decide to abort or have an abortion?

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The Director of Nutrition and Maternal and Child Health of the Ministry of Health, dr. Erna Mulati, abortion is not allowed in Indonesia, it can even be categorized as a crime.

This is because abortion is still illegal in Indonesia, as stated in Article 75 of Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health, both doctors and women who undergo abortions will be subject to criminal acts.

But there are two conditions that allow abortion in Indonesia, namely the first for medical reasons pregnancy that can threaten the safety of the mother, second, namely pregnancy due to rape on condition that the fetus is not more than 40 days old.

“You can’t have an abortion, only two conditions are allowed, let alone it (because of a husband and wife relationship), because the process (abortion due to rape) is difficult, especially so (because the husband and wife relationship is legal), there is family planning,” explained dr. Erna when contacted by Suara.com, Friday (11/3/2022).

For your information, on March 9, 2022, the new WHO guidelines on abortion revealed that limiting access to safe legal abortions under medical supervision will only cause women to undergo unsafe abortions or illegal abortions that endanger the safety of these women.

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WHO also recommends removing policies other than medical decisions for the consent of safe legal abortion.

Examples of these policies include the criminalization of women who want to have an abortion, mandatory waiting times, until they have to get approval from other parties.

Other parties referred to are spouses, family members or certain institutions as well as restrictions on when abortion can be performed during pregnancy.