US Congress urges Justice Department to investigate Amazon

A bipartisan group in the United States (US) Congress has written to the Department of Justice asking them to investigate whether the company e-commerce The giant, Amazon, is involved in trying to block Congress from investigating the company’s competitive practices.

The letter said, “the company engaged in a pattern and practice of misconduct,” and accused Amazon of seeking to influence or hinder investigations into its operations.

The US House Judiciary Committee has been conducting a 16-month investigation into how Amazon and other tech companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook operate.

During this investigation, the congressman focused on Amazon’s use of private or private label products, and third party data collection.

Amazon is suspected of copying products popular in India and then manipulating search results to increase sales of its own products, reported by Reuters.

The committee’s letter to the Justice Department accused Amazon of making untrue statements when asked about the practices it was accused of. Amazon was also accused of refusing to provide evidence that would “substantiate its claims or correct its records,” the 24-page letter said. [jm/em]