Vaginal Fumigation Trends With Spices, Do You Eat It? Doctor Boyke reveals the answer – Hundred or vaginal fumigation is one type of traditional treatment on the intimate part. Usually this hundred-way treatment is available at beauty clinics or spas.

So is this hundred or vaginal fumigation safe? In the event Ask Doctor Richard, which was uploaded on the YouTube channel of dr. Richard Lee, MARS on Sunday (27/2/2022), dr. Boyke Dina Nugaraha explained that there were already research journals on the use of hundred in the treatment of human intimate parts.

The material used for treatment by means of hundred or fumigation of the vagina is from the combustion of various natural spices. How to use it is by smoking directly on the part of the intimate organs within a predetermined period of time.

vaginal illustration.  (Shutterstock)
vaginal illustration. (Shutterstock)

“There are journals, in Switzerland or in France, they do have places like spas but call from Bali. Worn on them. I asked that, it’s quite expensive, 600 euros per hundred. I ask what is the use? They already have the research. That using hundred, smoke smoked the Miss V area can increase the immunity of the Miss V,” he said.

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Doctor Boyke Dian Nugraha also added that experts in Germany and Switzerland also allowed the use of hundred for the treatment of Miss V.

He continued, the use of this hundred can also make Miss V fragrant produced from cinnamon and sandalwood. However, for other benefits, it still needs to be reviewed. Like hundred to tighten and constrict the vagina.

Then dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha suggests using Hifu treatment when a woman wants to treat her intimate parts. Hifu itself is a beauty therapy that works to tighten the skin and prevent premature wrinkles from appearing.

It is also believed that Hifu therapy is safer than lasers. Hifu therapy uses a tool, which later this tool is inserted into the intimate part of a woman. When inside, this tool will rotate and emit sound waves which then stimulate the walls of the collagen. Over time the area will become easier and narrower.

In addition to using Hifu therapy, treatment of women’s intimate parts can use the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma method, which is skin care that uses own blood. Or use hormones or collagen in repairing the female intimate parts.

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