VAR can’t be implemented in all stadiums

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan, did not deny that Indonesian football competitions require a video assistant referee (VAR). However, he is aware that not all stadiums in Indonesia are ready to be installed with VAR.

“I don’t think all stadiums can use VAR. Maybe one of them at this stadium can (Captain I Wayan Dipta). The rest have not,” said Iriawan in a press conference session, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

1. VAR can only be installed in some stadiums

PSSI: VAR cannot be applied in all

Iriawan said that currently PSSI was waiting for a study on this VAR. He also tried, VAR will be in some stadiums in Indonesia, but not all. Indeed, not every stadium can be fitted with VAR.

“Therefore, we will wait for the study. After all, the cost of VAR is also expensive. Maybe later VAR will only be available in a few stadiums,” said Iriawan.

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2. There need to be several stages that PSSI goes through

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PSSI: VAR cannot be applied in all

In order to fully implement VAR like a competition in Europe, Iriawan said PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) had to go through several steps. In addition to training referees, equipment also needs to be prepared.

“VAR is indeed in our mind, but it is not easy for us to implement it. To get there there are steps that we have to go through,” said Iriawan.

3. PSSI is now implementing additional assistant referees

PSSI: VAR cannot be applied in all stadiumsReferees in League 1. (

PSSI currently chooses to use an additional assistant referee in the remaining 2021/22 Liga 1 matches. This is to reduce mistakes that are often taken by referees, while waiting for the implementation of VAR in the future.

“Hopefully this AAR (additional assistant referee) can be a solution in Liga 1 2021/22 before we use the video assistant referee (VAR),” said PSSI Secretary General, Yunus Nusi.

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