Very Easy! Here’s How to Make Read More Text on WhatsApp

The Whatsapp application is the most popular chat application used because since its release it has provided something different compared to other chat applications. One of the things we will talk about on this occasion is read more. What is read more Whatsapp and how to make it?

Read more is a Whatsapp message text that is long enough to exceed the rows of columns so that to continue reading, people have to click on the word read more or read more. Read more often makes other people curious and think about what has been typed that long. But there are also those who are lazy to read it and leave it alone.

For those of you who are looking for a way to make WhatsApp read more for your short messages because you want to make other people curious, you can. This article will provide a complete explanation and steps for making read more Whatsapp without an application and using an application. Check it out!

How to Make Text Read More on WhatsApp?

How to Make Read More Text on WhatsApp

Read more doesn’t seem to exist only on Whatsapp, if you often use short messages or SMS before, you must have often seen read more messages because the length of the column in SMS is smaller than Whatsapp, even if the message is longer than the text limit, it will be divided into two messages.

You need to know that making a read more message has two ways, namely without an application and using an application. How to make WhatsApp read more without an application can only apply if you send a message that is 6-7 paragraphs long enough or less. So if you only send a message consisting of a few words and want to use read more then you have to use the application which we will explain below:

1. How to make Read More WA text without an application

It has been mentioned earlier that how to make text read in full without an application, the requirements are that the message you send must be long before it can. For example, when you tell a story or explain something. Try to use enter often if your message wants to have read more written on it. Here’s how to make text read more without an app:

  • Open the Whatsapp application and select the contact you want to chat with
  • Then type in the long text message column consisting of several paragraphs, list, and enter so that later when sent the word read more or read more will appear
  • After that, you can send the message, okay?
  • Later the message that you have typed will be automatically cut off and there will be an inscription read more or read in full
  • Finished

Well, those are some steps you can follow to make chat read more on Whatsapp. If you just want to do some pranks, we’ve prepared a script that you can copy to send a read more message. You can click here for the script. The trick is to download the script and open it, copy and paste the script in the chat field and add any other messages you want.

2. How to Make Text Read More Whatsapp Using the Application

We mentioned earlier that you can send short Whatsapp messages but you can still use read more or read in full using the application. We have summarized the method that you can easily follow, remember to use this application wisely:

  • First, open a site that can create a chat spoiler named Yo Jiayu, you can also directly click the link here
  • Next in the warning column, you can type a sentence to start the message, try to make it curious, okay?
  • After that, in the separator column, choose the type of separator between the initial and final sentences. There are 2 options that you can choose, namely single space where the message is still readable when quoted, and there are three lines where your message will remain hidden even though it is quoted. Choose according to need
  • After selecting, in the content column type additional sentences and you can also change the font to add to the sensation of curiosity
  • Don’t forget to click the submit button and preview the message
  • After that click the copy to clipboard button and open the Whatsapp application
  • Click paste in the chat column and send a message
  • Later your message will automatically become read more text
  • Finished

So much information that we can convey about how to make read more Whatsapp without an application and using an application. Hopefully the article on this occasion can be useful and can add insight. Thank you for reading to the end and see you in the next article from our site!