Viral Video Popo TikTok Wearing Loose Pants Looks

TikTok Popo Viral Videos

Did you know about TikTok’s viral popo video news, yet? If not, then you must read the news here because this issue has caused a stir among Twitter and TikTok users since March 1, 2022. So, what really happened?

This video made a lot of people excited, not without reason, because many were surprised by this. Well, Mimin himself was also shocked to see that it turned out. Especially those of you who don’t know and are certainly curious.

Because, on TikTok there is no original video of the incident. There are only video clips that have been edited and given a sticker. Well, for those of you who use Twitter, you already know, right?

Because there are a lot of uncensored videos on Twitter! Unfortunately, not all readers use Twitter, right? So, it doesn’t hurt you to read this post to know the chronology of the problem.

TikTok Popo Viral Videos

Actually, what happened to this Popo Barbie? Those of you who often scroll through TikTok know about Popo, right? He appeared for the first time with minor make-up but was originally a boy.

At first, there were many who were interested in this Popo. Because, it is considered unique and entertaining. Similar to Mimi Fairy who was already excited before.

But unfortunately, recently Popo has come up with many scandalous news stories. Starting from himself admitting to being sick, being used to finding a jenglot. However, many think that all of these are just settings or edits to keep FYP.

Because we know TikTok can be a cash field if it can get a lot of interactions (likes, followers, comments and shares) from other users. And, this is also what many other creative content do to stay popular on TikTok. So, what about this latest Popo scandal?

Apparently, what happened was the appearance of his genitals behind the long perforated pants he was wearing. In the video, Popo can be seen wearing a bright pink shirt and patterned trousers. But unfortunately the pants he was wearing were torn in the groin.

At that time, Popo was seen demonstrating the movement and placing his hand on his cheek. However, the legs are slightly exposed and astride. And of course clearly shows the vital part.

Above, this is of course a lot of people are curious but feel disgusted by what is shown by Popo. However, many suspect it’s just a way to keep Popo FYP. Not a few also do not believe if Popo did it on purpose.

Popo Clarifies His Viral Video

Because of this, Popo’s account was banned or permanently blocked. So, he can’t use his old account anymore. And, it turns out that he also provided a clarification or defense of the incident.

According to Popo, at that time he was demonstrating a pose requested by his fans. However, he did not expect that his pants were torn to reveal those vital parts. However, what is unfortunate is that someone accidentally recorded the screen and spread this video.

In fact, Popo also said that his account had been inactive for almost a month. Because he rarely uploads. And the recording is also live old.

I don’t know what caused this video to suddenly spread and FYP. Surprisingly, many blamed him and said that he deliberately spread this indecent video. Well, that’s the explanation about Popo TikTok’s viral video, hopefully it can answer your curiosity.