Vivo Y21A Strengths and Disadvantages – An Ordinary Beautiful Mobile

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Gadgetren – The advantages and disadvantages of the vivo Y21A can of course be one of the considerations that can be used easily to determine whether we will buy the device or not.

The Vivo Y21A cellphone can indeed be an interesting choice when looking for a device that is priced quite affordable. Especially if we consider the design as the main preference.

But just like lower-middle devices in general, there are some shortcomings that need to be considered from this new Vivo cellphone so that we don’t feel disappointed in the future.

The price tag is relatively affordable because the Vivo Y21A has to sacrifice several important aspects, from the screen to the chipset, which will greatly affect the use of the device directly.

So is this phone really worth buying? In order to make it easier to consider, here is a brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the vivo Y21A based on its technical specifications.

Pros and Cons of vivo Y21A


As I mentioned earlier, the vivo Y21A can be the right choice if we want a device with a pretty attractive appearance. This cellphone is because it has a thin body with a trendy color bandage.

The back of this cellphone also looks like today’s Vivo devices. The typical elongated box camera module that protrudes slightly also brings a premium feel without the addition of a fingerprint scanner sensor in the shell.

The body frame of this cellphone has followed the current trend. Combining a sleek design with a flat side frame, the Vivo Y21A looks even more beautiful without compromising comfort when held.

On the front there is a screen that is quite large. The 6.51-inch LCD panel that it uses has packed a camera holder with a small bangs-like design that looks like a water drop so that the image display can look more satisfying.

In accommodating users’ daily activities, this cellphone is also equipped with a 5,000mAh battery capacity. So we don’t need to worry that the Vivo Y21A will die quickly when used to communicate, work, or just surf on social media.

Vivo Y21A’s photography support is also quite standard for current use. The main camera already contains a 13MP lens combined with a 2MP super macro and an 8MP selfie lens.

Supporting features such as a fingerprint scanner sensor placed on the side along with the Power button, a USB Type-C port, and a dedicated slot (two SIM cards and one external memory) are also support that will be quite useful.


vivo Y21A unfortunately returns to using the MediaTek Helio P22 which incidentally is an entry-level chipset developed based on ARM Cortex-A53 speeds up to 2GHz with a 12nm manufacturing process.

This chipset is certainly sufficient if only used to handle casual tasks such as surfing social media, communicating via chat, or studying online. But if you need a device to play games, then of course you need higher support.

The vivo Y21A screen is also still quite low. Even though it has a wide size with eye protection technology, this cellphone panel still uses an HD + resolution (1600×720 pixels) which will make the image look not too sharp if you look closely.

The support for 18W fast charging carried by this cellphone is also still quite ordinary. We may even need to wait a longer duration because the Vivo Y21A battery size is quite large when used for charging.