Want a DNA Test Like Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono? Here’s the procedure and the cost

Suara.com – Celebrity couple Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono recently had a DNA test together. The reason for both doing a DNA test at the same time is to check genetic health.

For ordinary people, DNA testing may be better known to check the genetic origin of family ancestry. But, more than that, DNA can actually be known also various potential diseases to a person’s natural talent.

“Actually, DNA testing has broader benefits. It’s a kind of map in our bodies that has been formed since birth,” said COO Asa Ren Muhammad Farhan Ghifarry, one of the companies that provides DNA testing services, to Suara.com, Friday (4/3). /2022).

DNA testing with the latest technology now no longer requires blood samples. Farhan said that DNA testing is currently sufficient with samples from the oral mucosa taken through the cheeks and then rubbed 10 times on the left and right sides.

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DNA illustration (Shutterstock).
DNA illustration (Shutterstock).

Then, the sample is put into a tub as a DNA reservoir. Then sent to the laboratory for examination.

According to Farhan, DNA test samples using mucosa are more comfortable.

“This is more convenient, because if they have blood they are a little afraid to be injected. Even if we use saliva, we are a little disgusted to see our own saliva. So to make things easier, we use a swab sample,” he said.

Both using blood and mucosal samples can show accurate DNA test results, Farhan continued. Usually the new test results will be out for 18-25 working days. In it, there will be approximately 21 reports regarding health outcomes, talents, interests, and lifestyles that are suitable for genetics.

Because the mucosa is taken from the mouth, one hour before sampling will usually be prohibited from eating and drinking except mineral water.

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“If you drink coffee, you can’t drink tea because it can be contaminated with samples on the mucosal wall,” he explained.