Want to Keep Exercising While Fasting? Know When is the Right Time to Do It

Suara.com – Fasting should not prevent you from adopting a healthy lifestyle. Consumption of nutritious food and regular exercise can still be done, although not as intense as usual. There are many options for exercising while fasting, but many may still be confused about when is the right time to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, even though exercise requires energy, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide other benefits that support fasting. Precisely when you exercise regularly, the body’s metabolism becomes very good, and nutrient absorption runs optimally. At the same time, hunger can be held longer because digestion runs under ideal conditions.

Choice of Sports while Fasting

However, the benefits of exercise while fasting can be maximized if you choose the right exercise. The most important thing is that the intensity of exercise should not be too high, because it will make the body too weak and can interfere with fasting.

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So what sports can be done during the fasting month? A short list can be seen below.

  • Brisk
  • Light jogging
  • Jump rope or skipping
  • Bicycle
  • Up and down stairs
  • Plank
  • Cross jack
  • Zumba
  • Yoga

And several other sports as long as the intensity is light to moderate. You can also choose a sport game, as long as it’s not too heavy and tiring.

Sports illustration, The main purpose of physical fitness training (Pexels)
Illustration of sports while fasting. (Pexels)

The Right Time for Sports in the Month of Fasting

There are many benefits that can be obtained from exercise while fasting. However, these benefits can be obtained by choosing the right exercise, and the right time to exercise.

Mistakes in choosing the type of exercise and exercise time can actually make you too tired, so that it can interfere with the smoothness of the fasting worship.

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If the exercise options were presented in the first part, let’s discuss the right time to exercise during the month of Ramadan.

There are at least three most appropriate times to exercise in the full moon thanks to this. The first is the time after dawn, before sunset, and before bedtime.

These three times are recommended because the body has just, or will receive, nutrients that can be processed properly. Sports or physical activity can help the body’s metabolism, so that the absorption of nutrients is more optimal.

Indeed, there will be thirst that appears, but it will be covered by the renin-angiotensin aldosterone response, namely the body’s ability to hold water so it is not too disturbing.

That was, a little information related to exercise while fasting. Now you know better, and I hope you find this information useful!