What are the contents of the Ministry of Social’s 2022 BPNT? Check Here

BPNT 2022

The government is always trying to improve the welfare of the people, including in terms of food. One way that the government does is to provide assistance to people in need.

An example of assistance that will soon be carried out by the government is BPNT. What is BPNT 2022 and what are the contents of the assistance you will receive? Check out the full explanation below.

What is BPNT 2022?

BPNT or Non-Cash Food Assistance is an aid from the government that will be given to people in need to help improve the welfare of the community.

This BPNT assistance will be channeled through the Ministry of Social Affairs and will later be given to millions of KPM or Beneficiary Families.

What are the contents of the 2022 BPNT Aid?

Because this assistance is not in the form of money, there are several potential recipients who are curious about what they will get through this assistance.

Usually, BPNT will be distributed in the form of basic necessities which are distributed directly. However, there is information that the 2022 BPNT will be formed differently.

For those of you who are the recipients of assistance, you will get cash of 200 thousand rupiah per month.

The distribution method is quite simple, you will get an ATM from the government which will have your balance filled in there.

The BPNT ATM balance can be used to buy groceries at an e-warung or Electronic Gotong Royong Warung. With this money, you can buy groceries according to your individual needs.

When will BPNT 2022 be awarded?

The disbursement of this 2022 BPNT aid has begun to be disbursed on February 22, 2022. You will immediately receive assistance of 600 thousand rupiah, the result of the assistance that was appraised from January, February and March 2022. You will not receive any further assistance in March because it has been implemented with the previous month.

For the disbursement of BPNT 2022 assistance in April 2022 and beyond, there is still no information whether it will be carried out immediately, or if the disbursement period has expired.

Can I Register as a 2022 BPNT Recipient?

The answer is no. The data for the 2022 BPNT recipient is already in the Ministry of Social Affairs system, so you cannot register to become a 2022 BPNT recipient.

How to Check the 2022 BPNT Recipient List

You may be wondering if you are one of the recipients of the 2022 BPNT this time. You can check the list of recipients of the 2022 BPNT through the Ministry of Social assistance checking site.

To be clear, here is how to check the list of recipients of the 2022 BPNT:

  1. Please go to the official website for checking social assistance. Click here to directly connect to the website.
  2. Enter the required data such as Province, Regency or City, District, Village or Village. Make sure the data you enter is in accordance with the domicile of the ID card.
  3. Enter your full name on your ID card in the column provided.
  4. Enter the verification code on the screen.
  5. Click the search data button and wait for the data search results to appear on the screen.

You can use this method to check all social assistance that you will or have received from the Ministry of Social Affairs, including the 2022 BPNT.

That’s the explanation about the Non-Cash Food Aid or BPNT 2022 that you need to know. You can check whether you or a member of your family is the beneficiary of this assistance. Good luck.