What Can and Can’t Be Consumed

Suara.com – Cholesterol problems generally do not occur at a young age. It’s just that every human being is asked to remain vigilant because cholesterol problems will continue to lurk with age.

This health problem is very dangerous. For that, everyone who has a history of cholesterol in the family, is asked to always pay attention to their daily diet and avoid these health problems.

Quoted by Suara.com from the Hindustan Times, Monday (28/2/2022), it is important for all of us to have enough nutritious foods such as fiber and Vitamin B12 as well as good cholesterol intake.

Foods such as olive oil, nuts and seeds rich in nutrients are also believed to help maintain a healthy body and avoid cholesterol problems.

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What to Avoid?
To stay away from the problem of high cholesterol, it is strongly recommended to avoid the consumption of red meat such as mutton, beef and pork.

Red meat has been shown to increase cholesterol levels in the body, as well as fried foods. It would be better to avoid both in the pattern of daily consumption.

What is Good to Consume?
Consumption of oats for breakfast helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Adding various types of fruit to oats can also help the body get important nutrients.

At lunch, try eating foods that contain garlic. According to health professionals, garlic helps keep cholesterol levels under control and has several other health benefits.

Compared to coffee, it is more advisable to consume green tea which contains flavonoids and polyphenols, which are useful in controlling cholesterol levels.

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It is recommended to consume at least one cup of green tea every day to keep cholesterol levels under control.

Meanwhile, the right fruit to consume to maintain cholesterol levels is strawberries. Eating this fruit every day for a month can help control cholesterol levels.

Good luck!