What Can Computer Vision Technology Be Used For?

When some people are busy dealing with video pauses on tiktok or following something viral, technological developments continue to make innovations, namely computer vision. Without realizing it, computer vision has become one of the developments of information technology which is currently used in various aspects of life.

If you ask, one example that has used this technology is in a code or barcode reading system where barcode scanning can provide the data we want. When you want to pay for food or when you are shopping, all you have to do is scan the barcode on your cellphone. You could say that computer vision functions to process and collaborate with information technology more easily.

Therefore, computer vision technology is a technology that has the ability to validate in reading the data objects viewed by using a connecting device. For those of you who are curious about what computer vision technology can be used for, here we have summarized the complete information about the functions of computer vision and others.

Know About Understanding Computer Vision Technology Can Be Used For Anything?

What Can Computer Vision Technology Be Used For?

Computer Vision is a technology that facilitates the process of reading the data of an object which will later give and display certain commands and functions in carrying out activities according to the object’s data. The existence of computer vision technology in aspects of life can accelerate mobility, for example to make transactions and load information from objects in a more minimalist manner.

The application of Artificial Intelligence or abbreviated as AI is one example of computer Vision technology that is currently on the rise, AI can respond to various data so that it executes commands according to the object or image being analyzed. Computer Vision is a process that shows an algorithmic digital device to capture and interpret and then transform into a certain form.

In particular, computer vision has the ability to categorize, justify, detect, and identify an object. It does not stop there, there are many uses and uses of this technology in various aspects in the business sector. To answer your question about what computer Vision technology can be used for, here is the full discussion:

1. Its Function in the Industrial Sector

The first function of computer vision is in the industrial sector which can identify and sort products that do not meet predetermined standards. With the help of this technology, of course, the company’s performance will be faster and more accurate because it is assisted by a computer program that will provide identification results for every object it sees.

This is different from conventional technology which has to test each product one by one and of course this is very time consuming and requires quite a lot of money. You can use computer vision technology to find problems or problems with product performance defects before they reach potential customers. This check will be arranged in such a way and you don’t need to manually test it with SDM.

2. Functions in Finance

Without you realizing it, there are now many who use digital wallets and barcode-based services to make financial transactions. Previously, people relied on physical money or cash to make any transaction, but now when you want to pay for groceries or when you eat at a restaurant, you can simply scan through your cellphone which is integrated with a digital wallet or banking service.

The application of computer vision in the financial system of course makes it easy for everyone because there is no need to bother withdrawing money through ATMs and carrying cash everywhere. This technology is also supported by the cooperation of various merchants or partners to provide barcode-based payments to consumers.

In addition, do you realize that the fashion computer system has also been implemented in the parking and beverage machine aspects. When you are in a place such as a shopping center or hotel, it is very rare for a parking attendant to serve you. You are only greeted by bars and machines that can issue parking papers when you scan your palm or press a button as well as a drink machine.

3. In-Game and App Functions

Previously we have discussed AI technology and of course you are already familiar with this one term that usually exists in games or applications. When you play online games there is a feature to train your skills by competing against AI, in this case the computer. The computer vision system in the game makes an automatic response when we move, attack, and so on.

In addition, the application is also made so that when you do something there is already a program to respond to what you are doing, this technology of course has been arranged and made its own program to be able to meet the needs and needs of humans in everyday life. The in-app security system also uses this technology when it identifies an abnormality.

4. Functions in Medicine

Furthermore, computer vision technology can be used for medical-related matters such as diagnosing diseases, for example, so that doctors know the various health problems that occur in each patient. Computer Vision-based medical technology has been widely used to save human lives and cure various incurable diseases.

In addition, in the medical sector, computer vision can identify signs of pregnancy, drug use, ultrasound, DNA testing, fingerprint compatibility, and many more so that this technology really helps in the medical field accurately. The importance of computer vision technology in all aspects of life, including medical, provides advances in health and identifies new things that were not known before.

5. Functions In Security

The most important function of computer vision technology is used for security systems, for example, it can detect the faces of criminals and even this security system is also used in traffic. Where people who do not wear helmets or violate the rules will have an alarm or a certain system in place, although not all countries are like this yet, there are already systems that treat traffic safety detection.

In addition, if you understand how CCTV works, which previously only recorded and displayed the surrounding situation, now there is CCTV that detects strange sounds or movements so that it will give a certain alarm or signal. This is very helpful to find out anything suspicious and provide security and guard at home, company, or other important places.

Finally, in closing, we thank you for reading this article to the end and we hope it can be useful and add to your insight about computer vision technology that can be used for anything in life. Look forward to always updating information from our next site so you don’t miss the latest and trending articles.