What do you mean by Shopee SMS Voucher? Here’s How to Use it and the Explanation!

One of the online shopping platforms that can’t be doubted is Shopee, this marketplace always surprises its loyal users such as vouchers, promos, discounts, cashback, flash sales, and much more. Talking about vouchers, there is one voucher given by shopee called the shopee SMS voucher. Many thought that this voucher was given via SMS and that was not the point.

So, the shopee SMS voucher means that it stands for Shopee Mantel Sale which is a routine promo program carried out by the shopee platform for its loyal users. You can get shopee SMS vouchers every month with various attractive offers that are too bad to miss.

Therefore, so that you understand more about what shopee SMS vouchers mean and how to get them. We have compiled a variety of information that will add to your insight in shopping online at shopee. As consumers, of course, we must be smart to look for various kinds of attractive offers such as this SMS shopee voucher, let’s see the explanation below!

What does Shopee SMS Voucher mean?

Shopee SMS Voucher Meaning

One of the interesting offers from shopee is the shopee SMS voucher, this program is held regularly every month by shopee on the 25th to the 27th of the month. So, SMS or Shopee Mantul Sale will reportedly provide various kinds of vouchers, one of which is a free shipping voucher that you can use for shopping in the period from the 25th to the 27th.

This program only lasts 3 days each month so you should make the most of the opportunity while this period is in progress. In addition to getting a free shipping voucher, you will also get attractive offers such as a shopeepay deal of 1 rupiah. You don’t need to register anything and just open the shopee application on the date we mentioned earlier.

If you claim various vouchers during the shopee mantul sale, then the voucher can be used on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. When it is past the 27th, all vouchers that you have claimed will be forfeited and replaced with other attractive promos. So you don’t have to worry because there will be many vouchers waiting for you next.

How to Claim a 2022 Shopee Mantul Sale Voucher

There are many questions from netizens or loyal shopee users about the payment methods that can be used when using the Shopee Mantul 2022 voucher and how to claim the voucher. So, you can use Shopeepay, SPayLater, and COD payment methods depending on the terms and conditions that apply.

Later you can see the voucher that you are using can be used with what type of payment method on the terms and conditions page of the voucher. For those who ask whether free SMS can be COD? The answer is yes. However, it depends on the product and the seller who participates in the 2022 shopee mantul sale voucher. So you can adjust this when choosing a product and checking out.

For how to claim the Shopee Mantul Sale 2022 voucher for free shipping or a 1 rupiah deal, it turns out that the method is very easy and you can follow the tutorial that we have provided as follows:

  1. The first step is to open your shopee application and make sure you are logged in
  2. Then click the voucher page on your shopee application or you can also open a banner that will appear on the shopee main page which will appear on the 25-27th period of each month
  3. After entering the voucher page, find the shopeepay voucher for sale or free shopee SMS shipping
  4. Click the claim button on the voucher, after that you can search for the desired product on the shopee application
  5. Finished

In addition to claiming a shopee SMS voucher, you also need to pay attention to several conditions that might help you shop easily during the SMS period, including your account has been registered and verified, has activated shopeepay and Spaylater, has sufficient balance, choose a product that has a free logo extra postage, and don’t forget to use the voucher that has been claimed at check out.

The final word

Thank you for reading this article to the end about the shopee SMS voucher and how to claim the shopee mantul sale voucher. Hopefully this information can be useful and don’t forget to share this article if it is useful for others. See you in our next article update!