What does CO mean in Shopee? Here’s the Full Explanation!

The meaning of CO at Shopee – Talking about online shopping that has been popular in recent years, of course, cannot be separated from the many terms that have emerged and developed among users of e-commerce platforms.

Shopee is one of the largest online shopping applications that is very popular in Indonesia. You must also have seen promo ads from shopee which are widely scattered on social media, YouTube, and television.

Along with the large number of users of e-commerce applications, especially Shopee, there are many new terms that appear among sellers and buyers that are used to facilitate communication when purchasing goods online.

One term that is already very popular among users of e-commerce applications, especially in shopee, is the term CO. Judging from the shape of the word, we can tell that CO is an abbreviation of 2 words.

For those of you who are curious and looking for the meaning of CO in shopee, then just take a look at the full discussion in this edition of the article.

What CO Means in Shopee and Online Shopping Applications that You Must Know!

Meaning of CO on Shopee

Although it is quite popular and widely used on various e-commerce platforms, it turns out that there are still a small number of users who do not know the meaning of this one word.

As the largest and most popular online shopping application in Indonesia with millions of users, the shopee platform also contributes to creating new terms among its users.

As previously explained, the term CO is actually an abbreviation that comes from 2 English words, namely Check and Out. True, the term CO means Check Out which is commonly used by e-commerce users, especially shopee.

For those of you loyal shopee users, surely you already know and often use the term check-out when shopping online. For information, check-out is one of the stages of online shopping at shopee, where at this stage the detailed amount of your shopping items will be displayed along with the price and postage that you have to pay, right.

At this stage too, you can check the shipping address along with the amount of your groceries to make sure they are returned so that there are no errors when ordering goods. If translated into Indonesian, the word check out has the meaning of checking.

The word checking in terms of online shopping here is checking the shopping cart to be purchased before making a payment and finally it is sent to your address.

So, it can be concluded that the meaning of CO at shopee is check out which is one of the stages in online shopping, namely entering goods from the shopping cart to be checked for price details and shipping addresses and reassured before entering the payment stage in order to avoid mistakes when shipping goods. .

How to Check Out at Shopee When Shopping Online?

After listening to the discussion above, you certainly already know the meaning of CO in Shopee which is already popular among its users. However, do you know how to checkout at Shopee when you want to shop online? If not, then you can follow the tutorial below to do CO or check out on the shopee application when shopping for goods online:

  1. First, open the shopee application on your cellphone, and make sure you have logged in to your account in the application.
  2. Then, search for the item you want to buy by typing keywords in the search section or in the item recommendations section on the home page.
  3. If you have found it, then you can click buy now, or you can add it to the shopping cart if you want to find other items first.
  4. If you are sure to buy the product, click the cart logo in the upper right corner and check the item you want to buy.
  5. Click the check out button in the lower right corner of the shopping cart.
  6. If you have entered the check-out page, then you can adjust the address, purchase record, payment method used, and also the shipping service that will be selected.
  7. On this checkout page you can also enter a voucher if you have one to get free shipping or cashback.
  8. If everything is correct, then you can immediately click pay now and complete the payment according to the method you selected earlier.
  9. The check out process is complete, your purchases will begin to be processed by the seller and you just have to wait for the goods to be sent to your address.

Finally, that’s the discussion about the meaning of CO at shopee which turns out to be an abbreviation of the term check out which is already popular in the e-commerce application. Hopefully this information can be useful for you, and please visit our site for other interesting and useful information.